I’m Taking My Talents North Of The Border!!

Although nearly a week has passed, Islanders’ fans are still mourning the loss of John Tavares. No, he’s not dead, but he left for Canada (they’re almost the same thing).

John Tavares became an unrestricted free agent at the end of the 2017-2018 NHL season. For months, stories and rumors, predicting Tavares’ landing spot, floated around the NHL universe. The Islanders, despite their lack of success in recent history, did everything possible to convince Tavares to stay in New York….

  • They were awarded a site at Belmont Park for a new stadium.
  • They brought in the best general manager in the history of general managers; Lou Lamoriello.
  • Lamoriello brought in a Stanley Cup winning coach; Barry Trotz.
  • And Lamoriello had a successful NHL Draft, setting the Islanders up for the future.

All this….was for naught.

The New York Islanders knew this day could come. Despite drafting him #1 overall in the 2009 NHL Draft, Tavares is from Mississauga, Ontario (right next to Toronto).

“Not everyday you can live a childhood dream.”


Enter collective sigh here  ————–>

Listen, the Islanders are not to blame here. It’s not everyday a diehard fan, turned professional athlete, gets the pick of the litter. And the top-pick of the litter happens to be a Stanley Cup contender, just footsteps from his childhood treehouse. Hell, I’d have made the same decision as Tavares. It just sucks that I also happen to be an Islanders’ fan.

So, Tavares will enjoy the next seven seasons, at home, getting paid $77 million along the way.

Oh well New York….

I guess you’ll just have to wait for another generational superstar to fall into your lap….


Who do you blame for John Tavares choosing the Toronto Maple Leafs over the New York Islanders??

I’m So Confused!!!!

I’m sorry, can you please repeat that??

No, I heard you, I just don’t understand….

Sports have never been complicated. Most things are easy to understand. But today, I am legitimately confused:

Win A Championship And….Quit?!

barry trotz

Barry Trotz, head coach of the Washington Capitals, won the Stanley Cup on June 7th. And resigned as head coach of the Washington Capitals on June 18th.

ron burgundy

No Ron Burgundy, that doesn’t make sense.

Trotz spent four years as the head coach of the Capitals. During his tenure, the Capitals had the best record in the NHL (205-89-34). And Monday, just 11 days after bringing the Capitals their 1st Stanley Cup in franchise history, Trotz said this:

“After careful consideration and consultation with my family, I am officially announcing my resignation as the head coach of the Washington Capitals.”

It appears this was a dispute over what else; money. Trotz made $1.5 million last season, less than 25% of the highest paid coaches in the NHL. Trotz probably feels disrespected, as he feels he deserves an extension and a sizable raise. While there was an extension clause written into his contract, if they won the Stanley Cup, the raise allegedly wasn’t walking ‘hand-in-hand’ with the extension.

Which means Barry Trotz will be the next head coach of the New York Islanders — hopefully.

Win THREE Championships….And QUIT?!?!


Zinedine Zidane shocked the world when he left Real Madrid just five days after winning his 3rd consecutive Champions League championship. Zidane is creating a pattern here:

“I want to end with Real Madrid when everything is going well,” he concluded. “I did it as a player, and now again as a coach. This the right moment to end things well.”

Great players often go out on a high note. Barry Sanders retired immediately following a nearly 1,500 yard rushing season (1,491 yards). Jim Brown led the NFL in rushing in his final season (1,544 yards). But this isn’t often a move for great coaches. Zidane, just 45 years old, seemed to have a bright coaching future ahead of him. Instead, he’ll be….actually, I have absolutely no idea what he’ll be doing.

The Mets Scored A Run?!?!


The New York Mets applied to have their logo permanently placed next to the word anemic in the dictionary. They may have to rescind their application.

After scoring just 21 runs in their previous 13 games (1-12 record), the Mets have now scored 22 runs in their past 3 games (3-0 record). That’s hard to explain. Their latest offensive outburst came in the form of a 12-2 victory over the Colorado Rockies Monday night. Because nothing cures a putrid offense like some Colorado air.

Brandon Nimmo’s 4-for-6 performance, with 2 home runs, and 4 rbi didn’t hurt either. One of those home runs was of the inside the park variety:

The Mets may revert back to their hapless ways real soon, but you HAVE to respect Brandon Nimmo’s hustle!!


Can you explain any of the above?? Good luck….

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