“The MLB Hall of Fame is an ABSOLUTE JOKE!!” (DaveTalksSports Podcast – Ep. #23)

Congratulations to Mariano Rivera, but he shouldn’t have been the 1st unanimous MLB Hall of Fame Inductee.

The MLB Hall of Fame is really really really REALLY STUPID!!!!

Congrats to Shane Lowry on winning The Open Championship!!

Enjoy the whiskey, and guinness, and whiskey.

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The (Actual) 20 Most Dominant Athletes Of The Past 20 Years

It’s the worst list ever made — EVER!!

And it’s not even that close.

In celebration of ESPN the Magazine turning 20, Peter Keating put out a list of the 20 Most Dominant Athletes of the Past 20 Years. The concept; great. The execution; not so much.

Keep in mind, this list is the most DOMINANT athletes, not the BEST athletes:

Peter’s “List”                                                                                   DaveTalksSports’ List

20.) Tom Brady                                                                                 20.) Marta

19.) Manny Pacquiao                                                                      19.) Barry Bonds

18.) Mike Trout                                                                              18.) Kobe Bryant

17.) Barry Bonds                                                                              17.) Allyson Felix

16.) Allyson Felix                                                                             16.) Diana Taurasi

15.) Novak Djokovic                                                                      15.) Rafael Nadal

14.) Cristiano Ronaldo                                                                    14.) Cristiano Ronaldo

13.) Lauren Jackson                                                                       13.) Michael Schumacher

12.) Serena Williams                                                                     12.) Lionel Messi

11.) Lionel Messi                                                                              11.) Jimmie Johnson

10.) Usain Bolt                                                                                  10.) Annika Sorenstam

9.) Marta                                                                                              9.) LeBron James

8.) Floyd Mayweather Jr.                                                               8.) Tom Brady

7.) Michael Schumacher                                                                 7.) Floyd Mayweather Jr.

6.) Annika Sorenstam                                                                     6.) Usain Bolt

5.) Roger Federer                                                                             5.) Lance Armstrong

4.) Jimmie Johnson                                                                          4.) Roger Federer

3.) Peyton Manning                                                                        3.) Serena Williams

2.) LeBron James                                                                              2.) Tiger Woods

1.) Tiger Woods                                                                                 1.) Michael Phelps

Honestly, I don’t know where to start. This is literally the worst list ever constructed by man, or woman. My head nearly exploded when I first saw Peter Keating’s list. I highlighted Peter’s most egregious errors.

I’m convinced Peter made this list strictly to garner attention (it’s working) because no one with a wealth of sports’ knowledge could possibly, rationally, reasonably, sanely, proudly publish this list.

  • The most dominant athlete of the past 20 years is Michael Phelps. He won multiple gold medals, in multiple events, spanning over 4 Olympics. His only competition for nearly 20 years was himself. He holds the record for most gold medals ever (23). For Peter not to have him on the list is unfathomable.

brady and manning

  • Tom Brady and Peyton Manning drew comparisons throughout their careers. They played in the same era, and they often met in the postseason. However, no one in their right mind would ever claim Peyton Manning was better, or more DOMINANT, than Tom Brady. Brady, simply, is the best football player that ever lived.


  • No disrespect to any of the following athletes, but they don’t belong on this list: Mike Trout, Novak Djokovic, Lauren Jackson, Peyton Manning, and Manny Pacquiao. It’s as simple as that.

Lance Armstrong no longer contests doping charges

  • Say what you want about him, but Lance Armstrong not being on this list is almost as egregious as Michael Phelps’ exclusion. Don’t start with me over the drug doping. EVERYBODY CHEATS. Armstrong won 7 Tour De France’s in a row. And if Peter is going to put Barry Bonds on the list, there’s no reason Armstrong can’t join him.


I hope this article lands in front of Peter Keating’s eyeballs: PETER, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!

Did I leave anyone out?? Do I have someone who doesn’t belong?? Post your list in the comment section below.

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A-Rod Celebrates His 40th Birthday With What Else….An A-Bomb From A-Rod!!


DaveTalksSports: What do you want for your birthday this year Alex Rodriguez?

Alex: I don’t know Dave.  I feel like I have everything I’ve ever wanted.

DaveTalksSports: How about another home run?  You don’t have enough of those yet.

Alex: Oh yeah, that sounds like a great id……

DaveTalksSports: Oh wait, have you been a good boy?

Alex: No, not really.

DaveTalksSports: Oh who am I kidding?!  It doesn’t matter!  You’re playing so well you are completely overshadowing all the mean, nasty, hurtful, despicable, dishonest, and deceitful things you’ve done, and you’ll probably get exactly what you want anyway.

Alex: Yay!!

Alex Rodriguez turned 40 years old yesterday.  In honor of himself, he hit his 678th career home run in a 6-2 victory over his former team; The Texas Rangers.  A-Rod is now hitting .276 on the season with 24 home runs and 59 runs batted in.  He has WILDLY exceeded everyone’s expectations this year (possibly even his own), and after serving a 162-game suspension last season, A-Rod has returned completely rejuvenated.  Being the New York Yankees’ primary DH has helped A-Rod solely focus on hitting, as he has only played 6 games in the field (4 at 3B and 2 at 1B).  It has also allowed him to stay healthy while playing in 91 of the Yankees’ 98 games this season.

As with anything attached to Alex Rodriguez’s name there is always suspicion.  Is his success this season tainted or has he found the fountain of youth in a back alley somewhere in The Bronx?  No matter what your opinion of A-Rod, we must admit his season has been spectacular, and he is one of the biggest reasons the Yankees stand atop the American League East.

After A-Rod’s hot week of home run hitting (hitting 5 home runs in as many days), the ‘Live In The Moment’ question of the day is: Will A-Rod pass Barry Bonds and how many home runs will he end his career with (so what if that’s 2 questions)?  All I can do is laugh.  As much as A-Rod enjoys shoving his success in the face of his doubters, father time waits for no man.  I’ll simplify it: Today, A-Rod has 678 hr’s and would need 85 more to pass Bonds.  Even at an ultra-gernerous pace of 20 hr’s per year, A-Rod would need to RE-SIGN ANOTHER CONTRACT after his age 41 season of 2017 (when he’ll turn 42), and then continue this torrid pace.  I’m sorry to disappoint all you dreamers out there, but enjoy A-Rod while he’s still dropping ‘A-Bombs’ because before you know it he’ll only be dropping Informant Tips on his PED Supplier.

What do you think?  Is A-Rod’s success this season natural?  Or is he back on the juice?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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One-Liner Fridays

lebron haters


Helllllooooo sports fans!!  It’s Friday again.  I know you thought it would never get here, but the weekend is right around the corner.  I will get your weekend started a little early with a weekly segment I like to call: One-Liner Fridays.  You know how it goes.  Today, I will wrap up the past week in sports in One Line and One Line only.  Enjoy!!


You know the dog days of summer have hit you square in the face when GOLF is the most exciting thing on TV.


Oh no wait, I forgot, you can always turn on some WNBA action……


So I heard some clown on ESPN radio last night talking about how betting on the Mets to win the World Series this year (at 200 to 1 odds) wouldn’t be the dumbest thing that has ever happened before…….NO????


I mean I’m no rocket scientist, but I’m pretty sure laying that bet would put you in the running for dumbest person ever.


So Chad Johnson (yes Ochocinco), is playing in the CFL now, and he just scored his first touchdown the other day, but if you haven’t seen it check out the ref who is clearly not the hugger Derek Jeter is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EGDt07j7sA


I know I know, everybody just LOVES Lebron James again, but as you know from my article I know everyone read (https://davetalkssports.com/2014/07/11/lebron-james-returns-to-cleveland/), I’m not buying the bullcrap salad that he’s selling.


But seriously, Lebron just placed first in the Harris Poll, which determines the most popular athlete in the United States, I bet The Joker wishes he could figure out how to go from the villain to everyone’s hero in just 1 year.


Which brings me to another basketball player, Carmelo Anthony, also known as the most generous and most selfless man in the world.


He’s not in it for the money man, he’s all about pay cuts.


This man took $7 million less on a 5-year, $129 million contract, if that is not a sacrifice that screams TEAM than I don’t know what is.


More basketball??




I only have one thing to say to the Los Angeles Lakers: “HAHAHAHAHAHA….Carlos Boozer….HAHAHAHAHAHA….Jeremy Lin….HAHAHAHAHAHA….okay maybe that was more than one thing, but you get the point.


When Tracy McGrady got signed by the Sugar Land Skeeters (insert immature laughter here), I figured he would have a long, illustrious career….and I was right, he pitched 6 and 2/3 innings, recorded 1 strikeout, and then said I think I’ve had enough.


So he retired.


Major League Baseball definitely handled Derek Jeter’s final All-Star Game very tastefully, but man is that game terrible.


If it wasn’t for Derek Jeter, I think there would have been 4 viewers of that game (yea, I said 4).


The only thing worse than the All-Star Game itself is the Home Run Derby, that right there is 4 hours of my life that I can NEVER get back again.


Here is a simple formula of how to fix the Home Run Derby: you give Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa a bunch of steroids and give them each their own personalized club (you know like a caveman club) and watch them bash 600 foot home runs for an hour, this way everyone’s happy and these clowns get 15 more minutes of fame….oh, and feel free to throw Jose Canseco in there if you want.



Tiger Tiger Woods y’all is back, it’s crazy how much one man can effect an entire sport.


So now that the worst time of the year in sports is upon us is it too early to ask everyone’s favorite question: ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!?! 



This has been another edition of One-Liner Fridays.  I hope you enjoyed it, and if you have a One-Liner of your own please post it in the comment section below.


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Are You Ready For Some Footb- …oh crap that’s the wrong song…I meant Baseball, Are You Ready for Some Baseball??

It’s that time of year again!!  Football is over, and it’s time to start gearing up for baseball season.  Time to sharpen those needles and find that vein.  Time to hit the gym and figure out how to get rid of that unwanted “backne”(that would be back acne in case you were wondering, one of the oh so very lovely side effects of steroid use).  You know it’s a damn shame that that’s what comes to mind when you think about America’s pastime.  A once sacred game has since been tarnished by the greed of its players and the utter disregard of its commissioners.  It has forced us to see the ugly truth; baseball is strictly a business and everybody cheats.  Now by everybody I don’t actually mean everybody.  I’m sure there are honest hardworking athletes out there that want to succeed 100% naturally(I applaud this group which at this point is most likely the minority).  It’s just that all professional sports have been linked to steroids in some way, especially baseball.  Baseball has actually named a significant period of time in it’s history the “steroid era”.  You would think that since I put steroid era in quotation marks it would be a joke, but it’s not.  If you wanted to write a history book about baseball, there would literally have to be a chapter entitled the steroid era(It would probably be the longest chapter of the book).  See, baseball in the late 80’s and early 90’s was moving in the wrong direction.  Ratings were down and labor issues became more prevalent.  In 1994, those labor disputes brought about the longest work stoppage in major sports history.  This effectively became the lowest point in baseball’s prestigious history.  The aftermath of the strike left baseball in complete disarray.  Fans became disgruntled and attendance dropped significantly, television ratings plummeted, and the fans that continued to show up to games expressed their anger through protests and childish behavior(throwing objects on the field).  Baseball desperately needed a savior, and boy did it get one.  Unfortunately, that savior wasn’t one individual or an inspiring story that could bring baseball back from the depths of hell.  Even though Major League Baseball had many options as to how to save it’s beloved pastime, they went with a solution that only has two options, and no it’s not paper or plastic, it’s liquid or pill form.  So as players, managers, and commissioners alike turned a blind eye to what was going on in the 90’s, baseball made its resurgence.  Baseball had been saved by the likes of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, and the home run race of 1998.  The summer of 1998 could possibly have been the most exciting three months in baseball history.  Major League Baseball watched along with the rest of us as their baby was resurrected and their ratings began to climb along with their bank accounts.  The players were ecstatic because they were propelled to new levels of fame and notoriety, and of course the MLB suits were jumping for joy because they could once again drive home to their mansions in their Ferrari’s instead of to their condos in their BMW’s(oh thank god, what a pity that would have been).  However, what all the enablers of the “steroid era” failed to recognize was the consequences this would have on the future of the game.  And, that brings me to my next point.

Baseball is in a precarious place right now.  Every other day someone new is being brought up in PED scandals, and those names are being thrown straight into jail(do not pass go, do not collect $200).  See, the court of public opinion doesn’t exactly work the same way as our judicial system here in the United States.  In fact it works in the exact opposite way.  You are guilty until proven innocent, and if you happen to be proven innocent you’re still guilty(i.e. Roger Clemens).  This is causing every fan and media person to jump the gun and cry foul whenever someone accomplishes something spectacular.  This needs to stop!  I know this is a complicated issue, and everyone and their grandmother thinks they have a solution that will rid the sports of illegal drugs and cheating.  That is why I’m going to try to paint a picture of what I believe will set us on the road to recovery.  The first step to recovery as everyone knows is admitting there is a problem.  I think we can all agree on that, so let’s move on to the next step; highlighting the innocence and purity of the game and how we can get it back.

Now, let’s do a little mental exercise.  Try to remove yourself from the present day and let your mind travel back in time.  Let’s aim for an age of innocence, and let’s say you are about 10 years old.  The world is new and exciting.  You are at the age of no responsibility and all you want to do is have fun.  Fun for me at the age of 10 was baseball.  Baseball and ummm nope just baseball.  When you’re 10, you don’t really think that people cheat, or lie, or steal.  Now, if I sat down the 10 year old you and tried to explain that 90% of your favorite baseball players lied and cheated to get where they were, you wouldn’t believe a word that came out of my mouth.  That right there is the feeling we need to get back.  We’ve all lost touch with that gut feeling in regards to sports achievements.  How do we get that back you ask?  I’m going to tell you just hold your horses.  Since I truly believe this problem won’t be fixed by the collective actions of the players union and MLB executives, I believe it should start with us.  The fans control everything that matters in sports.  Think about it.  If we don’t buy tickets or merchandise they don’t make any money.  If we don’t turn on the television to watch the games, they have no ratings, therefore they make no money.  As we’ve already established, all anybody cares about in sports is money, so the only way to really bring about change is to hit em’ where it hurts; the wallet.  If we protest that we won’t watch or spend another dime, maybe the game will be brought back to it’s purest form.

Let’s keep our mind in time travel mode and continue to pretend you’re 10 years old.  Do you remember why you couldn’t wait to lace up those cleats and head out to the ball park?  I sure do.  Think about grabbing your bat and glove and heading out to your local ball field.  Spring time is upon us, the smell of freshly cut grass in the air, and the diamond is glistening just begging you to step on to the field.  Maybe you are with your little league team getting ready for a big game, maybe you and your friends are gathering to play a pick-up game, or maybe you are heading to the field with your father to work on your game.  Whatever the reason was, we all remember what we loved about the game.  For me, it was heading down to the local field with my father.  After a long day of work, he used to take me to the field and hit ground-balls and fly-balls to me until the sun went down, or until my mom came looking for us because it was dinner time(no she didn’t call us on the iPhone, believe it or not in the early 90’s we didn’t have cell phones).  That is where my passion for the game came from.  That is the reason I dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player.  That 10 year old inside of you is the only thing that can bring about change.

I truly believe that everything that happens in the world starts at home.  It’s not the video games, movies, television, and music that corrupts your child’s mind.  It’s the parents that don’t educate their children on the subjects in those video games and movies.  It’s the parents that don’t teach their children right from wrong, and that there are consequences for their actions.  If it was your father who taught you and inspired you as a child, it should also have been your father who was your role model.  And as your role model your father should have taught you right from wrong.  Right, a foreign concept, is following your dream through a solid work ethic.  Wrong, a common occurrence, is taking illegal drugs and performance enhancers to succeed while leaving that honest hard working kid in your dust.  By the way, it is absolutely ridiculous that I need to explain the difference between right and wrong to grown men!  Now, I understand that uniting a nation to stand up for what’s right is probably unrealistic(I mean look at our government), but nothing would make me happier.  I’ve personally spoken to people that have no problem with steroids and PED’s in sports.  They feel that it allows the organizations and franchises to put out a better product, and in turn they are happy.  They’d rather deal with the heinous side effects of illegal drugs and watch 520 feet home runs than do what’s right and clean up the game.  These ignorant people make my blood curdle.  At the same time, I feel sorry for these people because they have been brainwashed by the Barry Bonds’ and Alex Rodriguez’s of the world.  By the way, I wonder if Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez tell their children that it’s okay to lie and cheat.  Maybe if they thought about their children every time they were shooting up, they would have thought twice about it.  It also wouldn’t have killed them to spend a little more time on the field before games signing autographs and interacting with fans.  As a professional baseball player in the spotlight, making hundreds of millions of dollars, it is their obligation to be a role model.  These players are confused, and it’s not all their fault, but they think they are special.  Millions of dollars can go to a persons head and effect them as a human being.  They think they are better than others in “regular” society and they think their time is more valuable than ours.  That is simply not the case.  Players need to remember where they came from and remember why they always dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player.  If players can find that mentality again, maybe the game can return to it’s rightful place.

With all this being said, I still can’t wait for the baseball season to start.  As a true baseball fan who watches all year round, I am excited for the upcoming season.  I am not one of these fare weather fans who only watch come playoff time.  Baseball at its purest form is a beautiful sport to watch.  To me, 1-0 pitching duels are just as exciting as 12-10 home run fests.  On any given night you may see a leaping catch at the wall to rob a home run or a curve ball that buckles a batters knees.  It’s time to get excited that pitchers and catchers report to camp next week.  It is time to put a countdown to opening day on your calendar.  Baseball is on the way.  It is time to get excited!

Look for my preview of the upcoming Major League Baseball Season including team previews and predictions.

I have roid rage

Steroids and professional sports, they go together like peanut butter and jelly don’t they? People might say, ha that’s funny. What people don’t realize is that it’s only funny because it’s true. Steroids are prevalent in every professional sport known to man, whether we want them to be or not. Now, I’m going to do my best to write this piece objectively, for if you ask me there is no right answer on how to handle this issue. I want to shed some light on the topic of steroids, while withholding my opinion, for now. I know steroids is a serious issue, but from the general public’s standpoint we will never know the whole truth of what transpires. And that right there is the problem. With the procedures the major sports have in place, there really is no surefire way to bring every steroid or performing enhancing drug user to justice. Psssst, want to know a secret? They don’t want you to know who’s using illegal drugs. They like it the way it is. By they, I mean everyone that’s bringing home an enormous paycheck thanks to those users. I know, its shocking. See at some point in time whether it’s right now or 20 years ago, from your bench-warming professional athlete all the way up to the best players in the game, guys have used performing enhancing drugs. It’s everyone and it’s everywhere. People now a days are being naive or just really don’t want to admit it, but everyone is doing it. There are tons of examples I can make, but I’ll try to start with the best ones.

This issue isn’t a new one. If you’re one the naive people I mentioned earlier, try to open your mind and see the world for what it is and it might make this easier to realize. People in this world do drugs. Now, I personally don’t do them, but people have been doing drugs since they were discovered. That part shouldn’t be a surprise. This goes for our heroes in sports 100 years ago all the way up to our rising stars today. See, “back in the day” guys were doing different kinds of drugs, and some were doing the same drugs that are being used today; there was just no testing going on at those times. I know I know, a lot of you out there are saying, well how do you know that? You don’t know any of this as a fact! And they are right, I don’t know any of this to be true. That’s the beauty/horror of this argument. There is no clear-cut winner of this argument, and without catching someone red-handed there really is no way to condemn someone for using steroids. There is public pressure and mounting circumstantial evidence in most cases, but it’s difficult to draw a hard line between guilty and innocent. Even if your name has been hinted at being in the discussion of illegal drugs, you’re guilty. Think about it this way, it certainly would be painful for me to learn that Mickey Mantle or Joe Dimaggio did something “illegal” to gain a competitive advantage, but that’s the harsh reality that could have been very possible. Thank god we will never really know for sure. To say it would be damaging to the foundations of America’s pastime would be an understatement.

Everyday you’re hearing about someone new being tied to PED’s. You’re also hearing people’s names that you would never look at and say, oh yeah he definitely “juiced”. No, that’s not a Jose Canseco reference. I wish that guy would shut his mouth and stop trying to make a few bucks at the expense of others. It’s your fault your broke and nobody else, so stop ratting people out and just go away. Anyway, think about it, Rafael Palmeiro was busted for steroid use. He looked like a normal guy who just happened to be really really good at baseball. Someone who’s 6 feet tall and 215 pounds doesn’t exactly scream I do steroids. Most people have this misconception that steroids are this magical pill that makes you huge, and cut, and turns you into an athletic monster that’s twice the size of your former self over night. That’s not how it works. Let me reiterate that I don’t do drugs, and I don’t condone the use of drugs. However, steroid users still have to put in their time in the weight room. They still have to pour out blood, sweat, and tears to achieve their goals. It’s not magic from a cartoon like Popeye’s spinach that turns you from dud to stud in 5 seconds. Not everyone takes steroids and doubles in size and starts hitting 7357 home-runs like, ahem Barry Bonds, ahem. I wish we could get rid of steroids, PED’s, deer antler spray (hahahaha), and all of this illegal nonsense all together. Unfortunately, it’s just not possible. Some people are trying to take a stand against it thought and that’s great. The voters for MLB’s hall of fame are at the forefront of the fight. In this years hall of fame ballot you had arguably the best hitter of all time (Barry Bonds) and the best pitcher of all time (Roger Clemens) on the ballot. Neither of them got in because of their ties to PED’s. Actually, no one got in from the entire ballot. That hasn’t happened since 1996, and it is only the 8th time in the history of baseball that no one was elected to the hall of fame. Think about that, one of the best hitters of all time and one of the best pitchers of all time used PED’s to gain a competitive advantage. There are more names tied to drug use than I have time to mention, so I’ll leave that to George Mitchell. Logic dictates that almost everyone out there has, at minimum, tried PED’s.

Now I could go on forever with all the different big names that have used PED’s and how they effected their sports in a positive way, and in turn damaged their own livelihood and personal image, but I won’t. I think you get the point by now. If these drugs are the difference between making the team or not, or recovering from an injury in 3 months opposed to 6 months, or hitting a home-run or only having warning track power, you are going to use them. See like I said before, they don’t want you to know everyone who uses. Why you ask? Cycling is literally built on doping. Lance Armstrong finally admits what we all knew for years, who cares. They couldn’t give his trophies to anyone else because virtually everyone in the sport has been caught doping. Thanks to PED’s baseball became relevant again in the 90’s. Thanks to the “steroid era”, we learned what chicks have apparently always known, we dig the long ball. You can keep Mark Mcgwire and Sammy Sosa out of the hall of fame all you want, but you can’t tell me you weren’t watching that home-run race in the summer of ’98. I know I was. I was 12 years old, and I was captivated by each and every home-run trot, every chest bump by Mcgwire, and every shuffle down the first base line by Senor Sosa. I know I get goosebumps just thinking about it. They literally brought baseball back to life. And football, I mean let’s be real. Football has practically been built on HGH and PED’s. It is a violent sport that will stay that way because well, we want it that way. We don’t watch football for the kickers and to watch QB’s slide to safety. We watch for the huuuge hits and spectacular plays.

Since Steroids, PED’s, and HGH have all contributed to the growth and popularity of many of the sports we enjoy today, how do we go about testing for them and ultimately removing them entirely? I personally think we should put serious random testing in every sport. We should come up with a definitive list of what is banned and what is okay for athletes to use, and then we should institute random monthly tests for everyone. I know some would say well that would be too expensive, but let me tell you something; for the amount of money these organizations and franchises generate, they’ll find the money from somewhere. This should take place in all sports at all levels, because the real message behind this conversation is to keep children away from these drugs. Do I think these changes will ever take place? Nope. Cynical of me I know, but it’s just like anything else, it will only change if we stand up together and do something about it.

Lastly, what do I think we should do with all the tainted players that based on statistics alone should be in the hall of fame? I also don’t know if there’s a definitive right or wrong answer, but I will do my best to tackle that topic in my next article.