DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #31: Dan Campbell Is A Psycho!!

Every year the NFL sees a lot of turnover for head coaching positions. This year, 7 head coaching vacancies could be found. So far, 6 of them have been filled:

Jets – Robert Saleh

Chargers – Brandon Staley

Eagles – Nick Sirianni

Falcons – Arthur Smith

Jaguars – Urban Meyer

Lions – Dan Campbell

Texans – ????

Urban Meyer we know. Robert Saleh we like. And Dan Campbell…..Dan Campbell may be an actual, real-life, eat-or-be-eaten, psychopath.


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2 thoughts on “DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #31: Dan Campbell Is A Psycho!!

  1. Awesome! You made me laugh out loud…you know it takes a lot for me to do that! Was thinking about the song Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads…” psycho killer q’est c-sait…fa fa fa fa fa….”love you Mom

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