I Love Me Some Jalen Hurts!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #22)

Let’s talk about a QB you probably don’t know a lot about….Yes, go get a pen.

Jalen Hurts made his 1st career NFL start for the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday.

And, no one did him any favors throwing him into the fire that is the New Orleans Saints defense.

And, Jalen said, no problem….I GOT THIS!!!!

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One thought on “I Love Me Some Jalen Hurts!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #22)

  1. Veeerrry Intereshteeng!! Always learn lots from your valued take on sports. J.H. Could just be a fluke. Ya know, like beginner’s luck. We shall see. Hope you are right. Maybe he could be the next Tom Brady?! Ya, right…just kidding. No one is ever gonna be that awesome. But, if I might add…Man, you were tired! Go get some sleep dude! Peace out!☮



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