The NFL Loses To A Tree!!!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #19)

So, the NFL decided it needed to own every day of the week.

Hi Wednesday!!

BUT, that didn’t stop the NFL from taking a MAJOR LOSS!!!!

I wonder how it feels to get bumped by a tree?!?!

Enjoy today’s episode to find out.

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One thought on “The NFL Loses To A Tree!!!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #19)

  1. Oh my! Can we say Bah Humbug?! Listen Scrooge, not everyone in the world watches or cares about foozball Bobby Boucher! The tree lightening will bring joy and happiness to millions of children and adults in this otherwise miserable covid era as it shines its bright lights of hope across the city and beyond. Here’s to hoping Santa doesn’t leave you a football shaped lump of coal in your Christmas stocking this year! HO!HO!HO! (lol)



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