The Tom Brady HATE Has Gone Too FAR!! (DRIVES with DAVE #16)

Yes, I hate Tom Brady.

Yes, Tom Brady played like s*** last night.

And yes, watching him blow the game for his team with an atrocious interception is awesome.

BUT….don’t forget this is Tom Brady (THE GOAT) we’re talking about here.

He’ll get ya, especially when you’re least expecting it.

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3 thoughts on “The Tom Brady HATE Has Gone Too FAR!! (DRIVES with DAVE #16)

  1. Wicked awesome defense of Tommy Boy Brady. It’s about time someone recognized his amazing ceaseless talent. Has anyone ever thought that by being the QB on a “new” team might have something to do with the Bucs failure to rise to Brady’s caliber of play?! Patriot fans (such as I) are in mourning so it will take time to get over the hurdle of losing the greatest QB of all time. As a comparison, it is much how LaBron fans felt when he left his home team. True Fans will continue to follow and support him wherever he lands or they are just angry frontrunners. Thanks. Peace out. Stay safe all. Wear a mask and social distance!

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