“Is Alex Smith INSANE?!?!” (DTS Podcast – #101)

Alex Smith almost had his leg amputated and nearly died from a gruesome injury in 2018.

Now, he wants to make a comeback to an NFL field.

Is he crazy??

And, would you LET your child play football????

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One thought on ““Is Alex Smith INSANE?!?!” (DTS Podcast – #101)

  1. Love the commentary! I was talking to Molly as you asked the question: who your let your child play football? I was vehemently sayong NO! NO! NOR DID I! Then you mentioned me…etc. glad I stuck to my guns and glad Wheatley did not gave a football team! And a big, no HUGE NOOOOOOO WAY to letting Derek play!! He’s way too smart anyway…let’s hope that he has no interest in playing football…tennis, golf, running, baseball, basketball. All fine but please, please please, NO FOOTBALL!!! LOVE YOU.
    over and out for now. Be safe. Stay healthy!!

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