It’s here. It’s finally here!!

No, not Christmas, March Madness!!

It’s like Christmas, minus the awkward, social obligation to buy people you barely know (or like) gifts.

Anyway, this is, ‘I collectively watched 12 minutes of college basketball this season, but I’m suddenly an expert’ week. Others fill out brackets based on their favorite mascots or jersey colors. Either way, filling my bracket(s) with check marks and x’s fills my soul with happiness. Before we get to my predictions, let’s analyze the field of “68”.

#1 Seeds

Virginia, Villanova, Kansas, and Xavier. They got these right this year. While watching the #1 overall seed, Virginia, play basketball is like watching paint dry, their defensive style is effective. They finished the year 31-2, their only losses coming to West Virginia and Virginia Tech. Villanova, the #2 overall seed, overshadowed by Virginia, will look to sneak their way through the weakest bracket in the tournament (East).

To see the entire bracket, click here.

Bubble Teams

No matter how many teams are in the tournament, 64, 68, there will always be an odd man out. This year, it’s Notre Dame. According to the NCAA Tournament Committee, Notre Dame was team 69, so Davidson upsetting Rhode Island Sunday afternoon was the final nail in the Notre Dame coffin.


The last team in, Syracuse. In year’s past, I would have thrown my arms in the air, stomped my feet like a child, and screamed about tournament snubs. Honestly, I don’t have the time or energy for that anymore. Every team straddling the “bubble” has an argument one way or the other. Syracuse, Louisville, UCLA, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, USC, St. Marys, and Oklahoma State all fall into the same category; mediocre basketball teams.

The crazy part is, one of the last teams in, usually makes a deep run in the tournament, “justifying” their entrance. Even though Oklahoma has only won two games since February 1st, Trae Young’s Oklahoma Sooners can beat anyone on any given day. Arizona State has also shown the ability to beat anyone, with wins against not one, but two #1 seeds; Kansas and Xavier.

Under Appreciated and Under Seeded


While I’m not going to throw my hands in the air, I do have an issue with some of the seeding in this tournament. Arizona and Auburn deserve better than #4 seeds. Arizona won the Pac-12 regular season title, the Pac-12 conference championship, and they have presumably the #1 pick in the 2018 NBA Draft on their roster (DeAndre Ayton). They should have been swapped with Texas Tech (a #3 seed), losers of 5 of their last 7 games.


Auburn should also feel slighted. They finished with a better record then Tennessee, AND they beat Tennessee, IN TENNESSEE!! How are they a #4 seed, while Tennessee is inexplicably a #3 seed??

As for my predictions, they’re coming….




on Thursday.

Check back with on Thursday morning to find my upsets, locks, and most importantly, my National Champion.


What do you think of the bracket?? Who were the biggest snubs?? Who was under seeded or over seeded?? Answer my questions in the comment section below!!

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