Listen Man, That Right There Is A Good Contract Man

jon gruden

A lot has changed since Jon Gruden last coached in the NFL. iPhones have ridiculous, nonsensical adapters. Apparently you just swipe left and another picture comes up. And the Patriots are no longer a dynas….oh wait, that one hasn’t changed. But 1 thing remains constant: Raiders’ owner, Mark Davis’ freaky hairdo. I mean seriously, what is that thing?!

mark davis






Tuesday, Jon Gruden was introduced as the new Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders. This will be his 2nd stint with ‘Raider Nation’, as he was the head coach from 1998-2001. He went 38-26, including 2 trips to the postseason in his first tenure with the team. Hey opposing coaches, all you have to do is say “Tuck Rule”, and Gruden will cower into a corner somewhere.

In 2002, Gruden was traded to the Tampa Buccaneers, where he infamously beat his former team in Super Bowl XXXVII. Let’s fast forward to Tuesday….

Did you catch Jon Gruden’s introductory press conference???? You didn’t?! Ohhhhh boy.

You can check it out here. Watch the 1st 4 minutes, then come back so we can talk….

Does Mark Davis not make your skin crawl???? He looks like he’s 63 going on 6. And not the cute kind of 6. The creepy, no one hangs out with me kind of 6. He looked nervous. He took way more deep breaths than I’m comfortable with. And apparently, every woman in the Gruden family, is his biggest cheerleader. And then, there was the video montage. Ohhh the video montage. Was this supposed to give Raiders’ fans goosebumps?? Listen, I get that the Raiders want to return to their winning ways. They’ve only had 1 winning season in the past 15 years, and Jon Gruden was successful with the Raiders. But Davis is acting like the best coach in the history of sports is walking through the door.

Davis even went as far as saying, and I quote, “Raider Nation, this is a big effin’ deal!” Wow Mark. Just wow. In terms of dollars and cents, this is an enormous deal. In fact, Gruden’s 10-year, $100 Million contract makes him the highest paid coach in American professional sports history. And now, ‘Raider Nation’, the NFL, and the sports world will see if Gruden can live up to such expectations. I’m interested to see if Gruden, now 54, can adjust to the numerous rule changes that have taken place in his 9 years away from the sidelines.


Is this a good hire by the Oakland Raiders?? Will Jon Gruden win a Super Bowl in Oakland?? Post your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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