Wednesday Was Upset City In The Basketball World


No More Win Streak For You

Heading into Wednesday night’s showdown with the Los Angeles Lakers, the Houston Rockets had won 14 games in a row. That’s a lot of games. On the other hand, the Lakers had lost 3 straight games (and 8 of their last 10). Escaping from Houston with a victory would take a miracle for this young Lakers squad. Good thing it’s holiday season….

Wednesday was Kyle Kuzma’s night. Yes, I’m aware James Harden scored 51 points. Wouldn’t you rather score 1 point and win than score 51 points and lose?? Kuzma dropped a career-high 38 points on 12 of 17 from the field. The method to his madness was the trifecta. He made it rain last night, draining 7 of 10 three point attempts. That’s a lot of threes.

Harden’s individual performance was nothing short of spectacular. However, when Chris Paul left the game early in the 4th quarter, the Rockets’ chances left with him. The Lakers would go on a 10-0 run, seemingly putting the game out of reach. The Lakers held on, 122-116, handing the Rockets their 5th loss on the season.

So Much For A Tune-Up Game

When high profile college teams make their schedule for an upcoming season, they always sprinkle in nice, cushy matchups. Whether it’s Alabama vs. Mercer in football, or Duke vs. Evansville in basketball, these are supposed to be tune-ups. Well, every so often, said tune-up turns nice and cushy into a living nightmare. Welcome to North Carolina’s nightmare.

Wednesday night, the North Carolina Tar Heels lost to the Wofford Terriers 79-75 — in North Carolina!! The Terriers, led by Fletcher Magee’s 27 points, would never relinquish their halftime lead. Magee, who entered the game 2nd in the nation in scoring, put his team on his back. Assuredly, this will be the highlight of Wofford’s season, as #5 North Carolina is the only ranked team on their schedule this season.

*By the way, my previous example of #4 Duke vs. Evansville, happened last night too. Duke won 104-40. Just sayin’….

Take That Former Team!!

Isn’t it funny how players always show out against their former team?? Why is that?? Are you angry you decided to leave in free agency for more money?? Kelly Olynyk is the latest example of misplaced “revenge”. This past offseason, Olynyk left the Boston Celtics to sign a 4-year, $50 million contract with the Miami Heat. Last night, he played against his former team. Olynyk decided that was a good opportunity to drop a career-high 32 points. For a guy who averages 9.5 points per game in his career, let’s call this an anomaly. The Heat took down the Celtics, 90-89.


Which basketball upset did you watch on Wednesday night?? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

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