Falcons Win NFC Showdown Thanks To Seahawks’ Shortcomings

Luke Willson

“You’re Killing me Petey!!”

Picture this….

There’s 7 seconds left in the 1st half, and you’re on your opponents’ 17-yard line. You’ve been effectively outplayed but have a chance to cut the lead to 4 at the half with a 35-yard field goal. Insteaddddd, you try a trick play that’s so poorly planned my 10 year old daughter could have sniffed it out. Watch ineptitude at its finest by clicking here.

Despite Pete Carroll’s in-game blunders, Monday night provided a rather entertaining football game. Matt Ryan is starting to look like Matt Ryan again, Jimmy Graham is the best red zone target known to man, and Russell Wilson is wildly underrated.

Matty Ice

While only throwing for 195 yards, Matt Ryan played an efficient game: 2 touchdowns and no interceptions on 66.6% passing. He led his Falcons to touchdowns on their first 2 drives, opening up a 14-0 lead. Ryan has now thrown multiple touchdowns in 4 consecutive games, as the Falcons have won 3 of their last 4. While he’s not playing like 2016 MVP Matt Ryan, he’s steering the Falcons in the right direction at the right time.

Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham is the best red zone target in the NFL. I’m glad, not only for my fantasy team, but for Russell Wilson for figuring that out. Graham now has 7 touchdowns in his last 6 games. Graham had just 6 touchdowns all of last year. As long as Mr. 6’7″, 265 lbs. is on the field, I’d continue feeding him. Graham also has 28 targets over the last 3 weeks. Wicked smart Russell….

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is tremendous. I know he threw an interception. And lost a fumble. And lost the game. But, he’s singlehandedly keeping his team in games every week. Wilson lines up behind the worst offensive line in football, and outside of himself (7 rushes for 86 yards and a touchdown), has the worst rushing attack in the NFL. His ability to extend plays with his legs is his best attribute, but he’s also smart. You won’t see Wilson getting lit up by a linebacker as he tries to gain an extra yard. Instead, he’ll veer out of bounds or slide.

Despite shooting themselves in the foot, the Seahawks stared a game-tying, 52-yard field goal attempt in the face with 7 seconds left. Blair Walsh hit it straight, but came up just short. And this all important NFC showdown went to the Falcons; 34-31. The Seahawks and Falcons now both reside at 6-4, with the Falcons holding down the 2nd Wild Card spot — for now.


Did you watch Monday Night Football?? Does Pete Carroll deserve all the blame for this loss?? Tell me in the comment section below.

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