The NFL Should Erase The Tapes From Week 7

landry hurdle

It was all downhill from there.

After Thursday Night Football provided the game of the year (so far), we knew it couldn’t get any better. Week 7 was filled with lackluster performances, disappointing primetime showdowns, and head-scratching losses. Let’s start with my team:

Nice Throw Buddy!

The New York Jets lose games in ways only they can. After storming out to a 28-14 lead, and “starting” Dolphins’ quarterback, Jay Cutler, went down with an injury, most would’ve thought the Jets had this one in the bag. Most would not be Jets’ fans. At no point did I feel less confident in the Jets than when Matt Moore stepped onto the field. Yes, the Matt Moore I said should be the Dolphins’ quarterback the day Ryan Tannehill went down for the season. 2 Kenny Stills’ touchdowns later, the game was tied.

Door opens..the way the Jets do things enters….

The momentum is all on Miami’s side. You’re on the road. There’s 47 seconds left in regulation, and you’re on your own 15-yard line. You have a mediocre quarterback, with a mediocre arm, and a mediocre receiving core. What do you do????

According to 99.9% of the world, you take a knee, and head to overtime.

According to Todd Bowles, you throw an out-route that gets intercepted — easily.

This was arguably the worst throw of the year by Josh McCown. But it’s not his fault. Bowles SHOULD NOT have put his quarterback in that position. Not a fireable offense, but pretty close.

A Week To Forget

Of the 15 games played in Week 7, only 4 were decided by a touchdown or less. 13 teams scored 17 points or less, including 3 shutouts. Calling this week ugly would be putting it nicely. Cam Newton joined DeShone Kizer (who got pulled again), Drew Brees, and Andy Dalton with 2 interception games. And make room on the injured reserve Aaron Rodgers, because here comes Carson Palmer. Palmer broke his left arm in the Cardinals’ 33-0 blowout loss in London. Oh hey, Drew Stanton.

So Much For A Rematch

Here it was. The game we’d all been waiting for. Week 7’s Super Bowl rematch between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots had finally arrived. Me, my couch, Sunday Night Football, and some guacamole. What could be better?? Sleep. The answer is sleep. Or anything. Anything would have been better than this game. All those who thought the Falcons were ready to exact some type of revenge on the Patriots were sorely mistaken. 23-0 is not the way you want to start a game — ever. The Falcons would score a touchdown with 4:09 left to play.

There is something wrong with the Falcons.

After starting the season 3-0, they have now lost 3 consecutive games (to AFC East teams). Don’t worry Falcons’ fans. A date with the New York Jets is ALWAYS a recipe for reviving your season. Catch the Falcons in action as they blowout the Jets this coming Sunday, October 29th @ 1:00 P.M. EST.


What game(s) did you watch this past week?? Write about it in the comment section below.   


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