The New York Knicks Can’t Give Jobs Away


Who am I?? What am I doing?? Where am I going?? How am I going to get there?? These questions are normal — standard — when you are 18. Those seeking direction in life will pose such questions. These questions, however, are not normal when you are a sports franchise in the biggest marketplace in the world. The door opens..and the New York Knicks enter.

The Knicks are a mess. They lack the basic skills a teenager would need to bathe themselves, dress themselves, and feed themselves. Which brings us to today. The Knicks are sitting in their own filth, trying to figure out how to work the microwave. They have, however, figured out how, in New York City, to become the least attractive destination in the NBA. Oh no, I’m not talking about attracting players anymore. Clearly that ship has sailed. I’m talking about employees. Imagine a world, where people get a job offer from the Knicks, and they say, “Naaa, I’m good, this sidewalk is comfy.”

That’s what David Griffin did yesterday. Griffin, the former General Manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers, removed himself from the running for the Knicks’ General Manager position. And I don’t blame him. He probably got about 30 feet into Madison Square Garden before making a U-turn and sprinting toward the exit. Following his meeting with James Dolan, Griffin said, “the Knicks couldn’t make it work.” MAKE WHAT WORK?!?! The pen to sign on the dotted line?! Did it run out of ink?? All Dolan had to do was give Griffin control of player personnel. Ya know..let him make decisions. Apparently, that’s asking too much.

James Dolan is a moron. He continues to employ Steve Mills, who is clearly not qualified to make sound personnel decisions (hi Tim Hardway Jr.). And for those who are planning to wait out Dolan until he sells the team, don’t hold your breath. I’ve yet to meet a multi-millionaire who dislikes money. Allow me to repeat myself. The New York Knicks can’t find someone who wants to be their General Manager. I mean, I would take the job, so they can call me if they want…

But that’s the point. The Knicks will not sign an experienced General Manager. They will be forced to sign someone with minimal or no experience. In other words, they will hire someone who is desperate for work. Then, we will collectively cross our fingers and hope this mystery GM turns into the next Tom Brady (6th round draft pick turned greatest of all-time).

Oh boy, we’re crossing fingers now….


I want to hear from my Knicks fans. How much longer will you put up with this ineptitude?? Will you be a loyal Knicks fan for life, no matter the level of dysfunction?? Please help me understand in the comment section below.

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5 thoughts on “The New York Knicks Can’t Give Jobs Away

  1. Well kiddo, you offered to take the job! I know in my heart you could do a better job than most with tons of experience as a G.M. So if they seriously want someone with a brain, a heart, and courage – no – not the Scarecrow, The TIn Man or the Lion…. they can hire you ….The Wizard! You could put together a team that could play smarter and harder and with more heart than any other team in the league. So if you are reading this…Mr. James Dolan…you’d give D. Ettinger, King of Sports, native New Yorker, life-long Knicks fan, Basketball star, etc. etc. , you’d give him a chance ‘cuz, there’s no place like home. Trying saying it three times and clicking your heels….. anything is possible! The Knicks need a miracle!

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  2. Well said Dave. It just can’t get worse… and then it does. And it will!! Until Dolan is no longer the owner, the Knicks have no chance. What’s the life expectancy of an overweight billionaire these days?

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  3. Well said Dave. It just can’t get worse… and then it does. And it will!! Until Dolan is no longer the owner, the Knicks have no chance. What’s the life expectancy of an overweight billionaire these days?

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