Petition To Fire Mike Rice

If you haven’t seen the videotape of Rutgers “head coach” Mike Rice’s abusive behavior, then here it is:

I am so enraged that I don’t exactly know where to start, but let me say it is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE that Mike Rice hasn’t been fired yet. What Mike Rice did to his players was abuse. It was borderline assault. It was some of the most disgusting behavior I’ve seen from an “authority” figure in my life. This person (because he is certainly not a man) felt that it was acceptable to put his hands on players, shout homophobic slurs at players, and hurl basketballs at players heads. This person clearly has issues that go way beyond what you saw on the videotape. I’m not here to figure out or analyze those issues because I honestly don’t care one bit about Mike Rice. I care, as everyone should, about the young men at Rutgers that were subjected to such treatment. I don’t want to hear about the old days and how this used to be acceptable. I don’t want to hear about how these words are thrown around locker rooms all the time. And I certainly don’t want to hear that this behavior was in some way a motivational technique to prepare players for disrespectful opponents. Believe it or not, these are some of the positions that people are taking in actually defending this animal. I understand that every story has two sides, but this story DOES NOT!! This is cut and dry. Mike Rice should have been fired back in November when this footage was viewed by the Athletic Director at Rutgers, Tim Pernetti. Instead, Rice was suspended 3 games without pay and fined $50,000. That’s it?!?! That is the punishment that is supposed to fit this crime?!?! What should happen today, Wednesday, April 3rd is Mike Rice and Tim Pernetti should both be fired. If they’re not, the entire state of New Jersey and all bordering states should go down to Rutgers and protest right on campus. We as parents, peers, and concerned citizens should do whatever it takes so that this thing is relieved of it’s duties. And don’t forget to drag Tim Pernetti right out the door with him. How Pernetti can defend his own actions of not firing Rice on the spot is beyond me. If Pernetti lives in a world where Rice’s behavior is NOT a fireable offense, then Pernetti needs balls thrown at his head too; and then be fired as well.

College coaches should be role models that help mold young men into adults. Yes, some players are being groomed for the NBA (even though this treatment won’t help anyone at any point in their life), but the players at Rutgers University aren’t there to be abused.

BREAKING NEWS: Mike Rice was just fired as the head coach of the Rutgers men’s basketball team. Thank you whoever made that decision. Now all you have to do is fire the Athletic Director who put up with Rice’s behavior in the first place. Then we’ll be all set.

Let me wrap this up before I throw something across the room, because I am disgusted with people. College sports has become Wall Street. Apparently it’s okay to screw people over as long as you end up with some personal gains. This is college!!! This is not supposed to be a “shiesty” mechanic. This is supposed to be continuing education (the key word in that sentence is education). We as parents, teachers, and coaches are supposed to be educating our youth to become model citizens, not berating them to make yourself feel better. I’ve had enough of this topic. I’m out.

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4 thoughts on “Petition To Fire Mike Rice

  1. Well said… I agree wholeheartedly. There is no room for this behavior anywhere, let alone a place where we are supposed to be educating the future leaders of our society.


  2. Ahhhh put em all in skirts. I’m sure roy Williams and Jim boheim have never done anything inappropriate before. Nobody was complaining when bob knight did it cause it was indiana.


    1. I would have complained if I was old enough to understand what was going on. Don’t be ignorant Mikey. Just because it’s “okay” at a big name school doesn’t mean it’s okay at little name school. It shouldn’t be okay anywhere; EVER!!


  3. Right on Davey! Tell it to the world! Men are cowards who have to throw punches and throw eptithets! I know this is painful for anyone in particular who has had this happen to them. No one…. let me repeat NO ONE should be manhandled or disparaged! This piece of garbage needed to go!



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