March Madness in….February?!?!?

What a Saturday in college basketball!! If this day was a sign of things to come, then you better hold on to your hats. Four games were decided by 3 points or less, and two of those games required extra time to be decided. If you missed the Louisville vs. Notre Dame game, well I guess you don’t read my blog(I told everyone it would be one of the games to watch this weekend). This game went 5 overtimes and both teams cracked the century mark in points(you don’t normally see that in college basketball). Notre Dame was outplayed throughout most of this game except for when it mattered most, down the stretch. Time after time they made clutch plays to continue pushing this game to an extra frame. At one point, Jerian Grant of Notre Dame managed to score 12 points in 42 seconds!! Garrick Sherman of Notre Dame didn’t enter the game until overtime, and he had 17 points! In one word this game was ; CRAZY!! This was another reason why everyone should learn to love Big East basketball. It is always epic. Notre Dame pulled out the win 104-101.

In the other game that found overtime Saturday night, Wisconsin willed their way to victory. With the clock running down in regulation, Ben Brust hit a runner from just inside half court to send it to overtime. The crowd went crazy, and Wisconsin carried the momentum into overtime. Wisconsin pulled out the win against #3 ranked Michigan. Get ready for March Madness because it’s on the way. This weekend has been an example of things to come in the best time of the year in sports.


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