“The NFL Trade Deadline Was A Waste Of Time!!” (DTS Podcast – #74)

The NFL Trade Deadline was uneventful.

The Jets NOT trading players became the storyline of the day.

Now, Jamal Adams has one-and-a-half feet out the door.

Good job Jets!!

And, we are being blessed with a Game 7 in the World Series, and NOBODY CARES!!!!

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Jets’ Wide Receiver Arrested For 2nd Time — In 8 Months

Robby Anderson, New York Jets wide receiver, is having a rough year. This morning in South Florida, Anderson was arrested for the 2nd time in 8 months. This time he’s facing 9 charges, including fleeing police, resisting an officer (with the siren on), harming a public servant, and 6 other traffic related charges. Allegedly Anderson was driving 105 mph in a 45 mph zone. Anderson’s previous arrest occurred in May of 2017 when he resisted arrest at a Music Festival. His trial for the 1st arrest is scheduled to begin on March 19th.

Despite Anderson’s on-field improvement, catching 63 balls for 941 yards and 7 touchdowns, it seems he has a lot of maturing to do. As an undrafted, 2nd year receiver, Anderson has overachieved in his short time in the NFL. If Anderson can’t control his off-field behavior, his short time in the NFL may be permanent.

A New York Jets’ spokesman had little to say on the matter, “We are aware of the situation, but this is a pending legal matter and we will have no further comment.”

Check back for updates on this story.


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