We’re Doin’ And We’re Dyin’ Over Heeeerrrreeee!!!!

Extra games. Extra innings. Extra FUN!!

That’s what the young MLB postseason has brought home from the toy store.

Starting with not one, but two, game 163s, both the National League West and Central divisions were decided in winner-take-all fashion Monday night. The winners, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Milwaukee Brewers, were rewarded with an actual (five game) series. The losers, the Chicago Cubs and Colorado Rockies, had the pleasure of enduring the stress of win-or-go-home Tuesday night. After an impressive 95-67 season, the Chicago Cubs had the displeasure of losing consecutive games, and will watch the postseason like the rest of us — from their couch.

A ruthless diatribe on the inane nature of the one-game-playoff (in MLB) will not be found here today, for one man can only belabor the same point so many times….

kyle freeland

The Rockies, behind Kyle Freelandthe best pitcher you’ve never heard of, took down the Cubs 2-1 F/13. The Rockies now have the privilege of traveling to Milwaukee to take on the Brewers in the National League Division Series.

This series should be a good time, as the Rockies have won 10-of-their-last-12, and the Brewers have won 10-of-their-last-11. 

But….that’s enough talk about the league that will inevitably finish in 2nd place….

Tonight, the 100-win New York Yankees will face-off against the bullpen-gaming Oakland Athletics. Man, what has happened to MLB?! It’s win-or-go-home at Yankee Stadium, as Luis Severino will take the bump for the pinstripes. For the Athletics, Liam Hendriks will get the “start”. I’m not saying this because I’m a Yankee fan, but if they can’t knock this clown around, they don’t deserve to play the Boston Red Sox.

I mean..I dare you to name 10 players on the Athletics’ roster….Oh no, take your time. I’ll wait….

severino 2

Gary Sanchez, despite the uninformed public’s opinion, will be behind the plate (where he belongs). And the Yankees will waste a roster spot for this game by carrying three catchers.

We can dissect, debate, think, and rethink the potential outcome of this game until the cows come home. But at the end of the day, there’s no reason the Yankees should lose. And IF they figure out how to lose, don’t call the fire department….


Let the streets burn.

Score Prediction: Yankees 6, Athletics 3.



Leave your incorrect predictions in the comment section below.


If Only These Thursday Night Games Didn’t Suck


I must start today by sending my thoughts and prayers to anyone dealing with the effects of the earthquake that hit Mexico yesterday. This earthquake shook central Mexico, bringing devastation to Mexico City, as well as millions of people in surrounding areas. Sports is my passion, but it is not as important as family, and health, and happiness. Sports can also serve as an outlet, so hopefully I’m helping someone get through their day.

Mediocrity is Coming

“Are you ready for some football?!” I mean, crappy football? Thursday is almost here, which means we have a nearly unwatchable matchup on the horizon.

Door opens….

San Francisco enters.

Thursday Night Football has been kind enough to present the Los Angeles Rams vs. the San Francisco 49ers. How gracious?! The Rams are the superior team, however, it is a road, divisional game (never easy). I’ll be going to bed early tomorrow evening. But for those willing to watch simply because the NFL is on TV, enjoy watching an ugly, low-scoring affair. Tune into NFL Network @ 8:25 P.M. EST to endure the torture.

The Race for Nothing

Did you know there was a time when MLB didn’t have a Wild Card?? And do you remember when there was only 1 Wild Card?? Until 2012, when MLB implemented a 2nd Wild Card, teams would be eliminated from playoff contention way before September 20th (that’s today’s date for those who are paying attention). Regardless, MLB teams haven’t left much to race for this season. The Astros, Dodgers, Nationals, and Indians all clinched their divisions approximately 474 days ago. And all the Wild Cards are decided except two, the AL and NL 2nd Wild Card.

With 12 games remaining, can the Angels make up their 1.5 game deficit from the Twins?? And can the Brewers continue to take advantage of the Rockies downward spiral, and overcome a 1 game deficit??

I think both the Twins and Rockies get caught.

While this IS exciting, and this IS why MLB instituted the 2nd Wild Card, I’m not losing any sleep to watch Rockies and Brewers’ games. Sorry.

Yes, Golf Still Exists

And last, but not lea….Ahh, who am I kidding?? Of course golf is least. But I like it. So I’m talking about it.

Thursday marks the beginning of the final golf tournament of the FedEx Playoffs. The Tour Championship will be played from September 21st – September 24th and will determine the winner of the FedEx Cup. 30 of the world’s best golfers will battle it out for the right to be crowned champion. Mathematically, all 30 golfers remain in contention to win the FedEx Cup. Click here to see the scenario for each golfer to win.

While technically everyone CAN win, I’m not betting against Jordan Spieth (current leader). As long as Mr. Spieth is healthy and rolling them in, he’ll be my pick to win every week. Could golf possibly get more exciting?! IT’S PLAYOFF TIME BABY!!


Are you as excited about golf as I am?? How many minutes of Thursday Night Football will you watch?? Do you like, love, or hate the 2 Wild Card format in MLB??

Kindly answer my questions in the comment section below. Thanks!

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