What’s Your Name Again??

Who are you??

I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of you before. Can I see some identification please??

In the wide world of sports, many athletes fly under the radar. Some ride the bench, so they go unnoticed for good reason. Others, however, are “unknown superstars”. Today, we’ve comprised a list of the best athletes most people didn’t know existed.

Justin Thomas

justin thomas

Casual golf fans, if such a group exists, have heard of Tiger Woods. They’ve also probably heard of Phil Mickelson. But that’s about it. They probably haven’t heard of Justin Thomas. Thomas is currently the 3rd ranked golfer in the world. He’s already won two PGA Tour events this year, after winning five last year (including a Major). Oh, and he’s currently in 1st place in the FedEx Cup Standings. Not bad for a 5’10”, 145 pound, 24-year old man who could blend into a crowd easier than Where’s Waldo.

Whit Merrifield


If you know who Whit Merrifield is, I’ll be impressed. Merrifield currently plays second base for the Kansas City Royals. At 29 years old, he’s looking to duplicate his success from last season. Merrifield was one of only two players to hit at least 15 home runs and steal at least 30 bases. The other; Jose Altuve. Colliding in the same sentence with the reigning AL MVP isn’t what I’d call a bad thing.

Nikita Kucherov

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Pittsburgh Penguins at Tampa Bay Lightning

I’ll give you a hint. His team has the best record in his sport. Give up?? Nikita Kucherov plays in the NHL for the Tampa Bay Lightning. They currently hold the best record in the league at 44-17 (92 points). Kucherov, despite never having entered a conversation in your living room, is leading the NHL in points (82). Yeah, the 24-year old is that good.

Megan Rapinoe


How is that you’ve never heard of one of the best soccer players in this country?! Megan Rapinoe is an international superstar. Rapinoe plays for the Seattle Reign FC in the National Women’s Soccer League and is part of the U.S. Women’s National Team. Rapinoe was a crucial part of their gold medals at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup and the 2012 London Olympics. And she scored the lone goal in the U.S.’ victory over Germany yesterday. Shame on you for not knowing Megan Rapinoe!!

David Goffin

david goffin

If you were ranked 7th in the world, in an individual sport, you’d think people would know your name, no?! Well I’m betting most of you wouldn’t recognize David Goffin if you bumped into him on the street. Goffin won 2 single’s titles last year, and has been in the top-25 in the world tennis rankings since October of 2014.

Mario Addison

mario addison

I will be shocked if you know this next one. Who is Mario Addison?? Don’t go to the Google, that’s cheating. Okay, time’s up. Mario Addison is a defensive end the NFL. Addison has spent the past six seasons with the Carolina Panthers and may be the most overshadowed defensive player in the NFL. Addison is one of just seven players to average 10 or more sacks over the past two seasons.

Khris Middleton


This one you may know, but his talent doesn’t match his name (or face) recognition. His celebrity status if you will. Khris Middleton is an extremely talented small forward for the Milwaukee Bucks. Middleton is one of only nine NBA players averaging at least 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists this season.


Had you heard of any of these athletes prior to today?? Don’t lie in my comment section!!

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