The NFL is stupid.

Instant Replay was originally implemented in 1986. It’s use was intended to correct mistakes made on the field by referees. Instant Replay was used for 6 seasons, before NFL owners voted to remove the system. They found too many calls were being wrongly overturned. Following technological advancements, Instant Replay was reinstituted in 1999. Instant Replay has improved and remains in use in the NFL today.

Fast forward to Sunday, October 15th, 2017. Despite the technology that exists today, including zoom lenses, slow-motion replays, and numerous camera angles, the NFL still gets plays wrong…..

With 14:10 left in the game, the New York Jets found themselves trailing the New England Patriots 24-14. The Jets methodically drove the field against the Patriots porous defense, getting to the Patriots’ 4-yard line. Josh McCown dropped back to pass and found his new favorite target, Austin Seferian-Jenkins. All 6’5″, 280 pounds of Seferian-Jenkins dove for the front left corner of the end zone, dragging 2 Patriots defenders with him (Malcolm Butler and Duron Harmon). The initial call on the field was a touchdown by down judge Patrick Turner. Every scoring play, however, is reviewed, so here comes the fun part.

After nearly 5 minutes of deliberation, referee Tony Corrente announced (to the dismay of the home crowd) that Seferian-Jenkins had fumbled the ball into the end zone, resulting in a touchback. WHAT THE WHAT?!?!

Click here to see the play.

We’ll call it the fumble that wasn’t.

Yes, Malcolm Butler jarred the ball loose from Seferian-Jenkins’ hands, but he clearly regained possession of the ball before he hit the ground, out of bounds, or the pylon. The ball never hit the ground. To say I’m confused by this call would be the understatement of the century.


The Jets went on to lose 24-17. Of course they did. They’re the JETS!!

Allow this game to serve as an unfriendly reminder that this is the Jets’ way. Some call it ‘Murphy’s Law’. I call it, ‘Being a Jets fan’.

Al Riveron, NFL senior vice president of officiating, reviewed the play and passed the decision to Corrente. Riveron and Corrente both said Seferian-Jenkins CLEARLY lost possession of the ball, and didn’t regain possession until after he was out of bounds. I know I wear glasses, but my vision isn’t that screwed up. Maybe these officials need an eye exam, or maybe, we should check their pockets for Patriots’ money….


Is this the worst call you’ve ever seen in the NFL?? If not, please enlighten me in the comment section below.


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