The Results Are In: THE NFL IS INSANE!!

So I sat here for approximately 10 minutes, staring at a blank screen, trying to think of the most creative way to describe the (unofficial) start to the NFL’s free agency. And then, I realized I should just tell it like it is….

The NFL is wild. The NFL is insane. The amount of players that change teams every year is astronomical. Redskins become Vikings, Patriots become Dolphins, Browns become Jets, and Cats and Dogs are living together. It’s madness I tell you. MADNESS!!

Monday, March 12th, marked the unofficial start to free agency. The official start to free agency is Wednesday, March 14th at 4:00 P.M. EST. The league calls this the “legal tampering” period. While Monday created some buzz, the NFL world didn’t tilt on its axis until Tuesday. As usual, we’ve made a list to attempt to organize the insanity (today, let’s go most important to least important):

1.) Kirk Cousins (Vikings)

While this is the biggest story of free agency, it’s not surprising. Not even a little bit. It was rumored the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings were finalists in the Kirk Cousins’ sweepstakes. That made this equation rather simple; Money Vs. Winning. What will it be?? We know where Carmelo Anthony stands on the matter. Anyone who thought Cousins would choose the Jets doesn’t understand football, or the Jets.

Players don’t actively CHOOSE to play for the Jets. They sign with the Jets when there is no other viable option (or when the contract is twice as much as the next offer). Kirk Cousins went with the team that provides the best opportunity to win (and he’s also getting paid a few bucks). Cousins will reportedly earn $84 million over the next 3 seasons (fully guaranteed). This is the 1st multiple year, fully guaranteed contract for a QB in NFL history.

2.) Jimmy Graham / Jordy Nelson / Muhammed Wilkerson (Packers)


The 2nd happiest man in the NFL right now is….Jimmy Graham. “They’re going to pay me to play with the best QB in the history of the world?! You’re joking!”

No Jimmy, they’re not joking. Just be happy the Packers enjoy making a splash rather than fixing their offensive line. Get used to hearing, “Rodgers to Graham for the touchdown!!”

The end of an era is upon us in Green Bay. Jordy Nelson was released by the Packers Tuesday. This move will save them $10 million, however, it’s rumored they could bring him back on a cheaper deal.

And the Packers will throw their hat in the ‘draw out Muhammed Wilkerson’s potential’ ring. As a Jets’ fan, all I have to say is, good luck!!

3.) New York Jets


The New York Jets were busy on Tuesday. After swinging and missing on Kirk Cousins, they turned their attention to an oft-injured, 39-year old, train wreck in Josh McCown. The Jets will bring back ol’ man river on a 1-year, $10 million deal. Thankfully, that wasn’t the only QB move they made. Teddy Bridgewater will reportedly join the Jets’ band of misfits under center. Bridgewater, who’s still fighting his way back from a gruesome injury in 2016, will compete for the starting job. He’ll also be on a 1-year deal (reportedly for $5 million). At least this will spark QB competition, while simultaneously incentivizing Bridgewater to earn his next contract.

If the Jets don’t draft a QB with the #6 pick, because of these moves, I’ll lose my mind!!

The Jets will also add RB Isaiah Crowell, CB Trumaine Johnson, and LB Avery Williamson.

Crowell is an average running back with good break away speed. While it wasn’t the Jets’ biggest need, there are worse RBs out there (ahem..New York Giants..Jonathan Stewart..ahem). Williamson is a tackling machine, and should plug in very nicely when the Jets don’t retain Demario Davis. And the prize of the Jets’ offseason, SO FAR, is Trumaine Johnson. He’s the best cornerback available, and CB is a position of need for the Jets.

4.) Danny Amendola (Dolphins) / Malcolm Butler (Titans) / Dion Lewis (Titans)


Nothing makes me happier than watching the Patriots lose good football players. The only problem is, it doesn’t matter. As long as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are upright, they’ll continue to own the AFC East. Butler will go from being benched in the Super Bowl, to being the Titans’ top CB, and Lewis will join Butler on a Titan’s team that’s trending upward. Amendola choosing to stay in division makes me chuckle….

Honorable Mentions

Drew Brees – Brees was reportedly offered a 2-year, $60 million contract to play for the Arizona Cardinals. He took $50 million to stay with the New Orleans Saints. He’s smart. 

Sammy Watkins – How is it that this guy is still getting paid so much?! 3-years, $48 million (Chiefs) for a receiver who will undoubtedly be injured by Week 10 is just stupid.

Sam Bradford – How is it that this guy is still getting paid so much?! Bradford will “play” quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals next year, for $20 million. All I have to say is, HAHA!

With official free agency starting today at 4:00 P.M. EST, stay tuned for the latest news and notes from around the NFL.


Which team has had the best free agency so far?? Tell me in the comment section below.

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Who Needs Defense When You Have Nick Foles??

That was the greatest football game I’ve ever seen.

Despite NO defense being played by either side, Super Bowl LII was highly competitive and wildly entertaining (and the Patriots lost!!). 74 total points. 1,156 total yards (most in any NFL game — ever). And 1 trick play you have to see to believe.

Did I mention the Patriots lost?!

1st Quarter

The Philadelphia Eagles set the tone with a 67-yard, field goal drive that lasted just over 7 minutes. The Patriots followed suit, also driving 67 yards to tie the game at 3. The rest of the quarter didn’t go as well for the kickers. After the most impressive drive of the game by the Eagles, rookie kicker, Jake Elliot missed the extra point. The Patriots, continuously trying to 1-up the Eagles, missed a kick of their own….

2nd Quarter

Just 42 seconds into the 2nd quarter, the usually sure-footed, Stephen Gostkowski, banged a chip-shot field goal attempt off the left upright. In his defense, this was the holders fault (Ryan Allen). But then, the craziest thing happened. A PUNT!! The Eagles would go 3-and-out and execute the only punt of the game. The next play would end Brandin Cooks’ evening.

Watch the play here.

I hope Cooks makes a full recovery, but next time, catch the ball, run forward, and go down!! There’s a reason why Marvin Harrison played 1,432 years.

The football world knows Eagles’ head coach, Doug Pederson, is super aggressive. So, I wasn’t surprised when he went for 2, midway through the 2nd quarter, as he tried to turn 15-3 into 17-3. Chasing points in the 1st half, however, is never a good idea. And it almost cost him a Super Bowl.

And then, the game turned into a video game. 7 of the next 9 possessions resulted in a touchdown, including the aforementioned trick play at the end of the half. If I had a camera, this is the part when I’d take my glasses off, and stare into the world’s eyes.

Decisions and results are not the same thing. 

Asking your backup tight end to throw a touchdown, on 4th & goal, to your quarterback, is not a good decision. In hindsight, it was one of the greatest play calls in Super Bowl history. But that doesn’t make it smart!!

The Eagles took a 22-12 lead into the locker room.

3rd Quarter

Touchdown. Touchdown. Touchdown. Like I said, video game.

Tom Brady began to spread the ball around. Rob Gronkowski, Chris Hogan, and Danny Amendola all went over 100 yards receiving. Anyone who’s watched the NFL over the past 17 years has seen this movie before….

4th Quarter

After Brady and the Patriots scored 21 points in 14 minutes and 53 seconds, they took their 1st lead of the game. Down 33-32, with under 10 minutes to play, it was time for backup turned starter, Nick Foles, to bring his team to the promised land.

Foles remained poised throughout the entire game.  

After a methodical, 7 minute and 1 second drive, Foles hit Zach Ertz for an 11-yard touchdown. Despite announcer, Cris Collinsworth’s, best attempt at talking the world into believing this obvious touchdown was a fumble, or incompletion, or something else, the touchdown stood. And the Eagles took a 38-33 lead.


Down 5, with 2 minutes and 21 seconds to play, is familiar territory for the great, Tom Brady. However, Brandon Graham, would force a fumble, effectively ending the game.

Tom Brady did not win another Super Bowl. The world can rejoice!!

Let the madness in the streets of Philadelphia commence!!

Final Thought: Bill Belichick coached a piss poor game. There were no in-game adjustments, and Malcolm Butler, one of the Patriots’ better defenders, was benched. No explanation. Just Belichick claiming he does what gives his team the best chance to win. Nice work Bill!! As for Matt Patricia, Patriots’ defensive coordinator, enjoy the bearded “genius” Detroit. His defense was repeatedly thrashed all season. The only reason the Patriots made it to the Super Bowl was because of Tom Brady’s greatness (Brady threw for 505 yards yesterday).

And now, the world should stay at least 30 miles from the city of Philadelphia for at least a week. Ya know, for the sake of the human race’s survival….


Was this the best NFL game you’ve ever seen?? If not, please tell me in the comment section below.

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