One Does Not Simply Tell Gregg Popovich What To Do

This has been a unique week….

How often do two top-five players, in different sports, get traded in the same week?!

Kawhi Leonard Gets Shipped North Of The Border

Ask, and you shall receive. The only thing is, you don’t always get exactly what you ask for. Despite being lauded as the NBA’s gold standard over the past two decades, the San Antonio Spurs and Kawhi Leonard grew out of love. In June, Leonard publicly requested a trade. Leonard’s destination wish-list was short: The Los Angeles Lakers.

As hard as it is to imagine Gregg Popovich laughing, he probably doubled over when he heard Leonard’s request.


Oh, you want to play in sunny California, for one of the most storied franchises in NBA history, in Popovich’s conference?!?! That’s cute. Instead, Leonard was banished to the Toronto Raptors for the final year of his contract. In return, the Spurs received DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl, and a 2022 1st-round top-20 protected pick.

The Spurs won this trade — by a lot.

Yes, Leonard is better than DeRozan, so (assuming Leonard is a good soldier this year) the Raptors have a chance in the Eastern Conference. However, knowing Leonard wasn’t going to resign with the Spurs, and CLEARLY isn’t going to resign with the Raptors, the haul the Spurs got for their disgruntled (rental) superstar is astonishing. DeRozan is an all-star who’s under contract for three more years. And don’t sleep on the 22-year old, seven-footer (Poeltl). He’s the type of player Popovich turns into a 10 point, 8 rebound machine, providing depth in the frontcourt.

I’m Moving To Los Angeles!!


It’s good to be Manny Machado.

It’s not every day you start your day on the worst team in MLB (Baltimore Orioles), and end your day on a World Series contender (Los Angeles Dodgers). Also, the weather is slightly better in L.A. than Baltimore — last time I checked.

Like I said….it’s GOOD to be Manny Machado.

Just like Kawhi Leonard, Manny Machado is a top-five player in his respective sport. Just like Leonard, Machado is an expiring contract, and wasn’t expected to resign with his former team. And just like Leonard, Machado helped bring his former team quite the haul.

The Orioles received five prospects for Machado: outfielder Yusniel Diaz, right-handed pitchers Dean Kremer and Zach Pop, and infielders Rylan Bannon and Breyvic Valera.

Diaz is the prize here, as he was ranked #73 in Baseball Prospectus’ rankings prior to this season.

This deal makes sense for both sides. The Orioles read the tea leaves and did what they had to do, while the Dodgers immediately launched themselves into World Series contention.

And Machado seems to have adjusted nicely to his new home. He’s hitting a smooth .385 through his first three games. Yeah, he’s pretty good.

With just eight days remaining until the MLB trade deadline, stay up to date with every move on


National League Mid-Season Report

We’ve saved the worst….for last.

Yesterday, we broke down the good half (American League). Today, we’ll get to the half that still (inexplicably) lets pitchers hit (National League)….

National League

Best Team – Arizona Diamondbacks


This was harder than it looks. Figuring out the best team in the National League is like ranking your favorite diseases. At 47-34, the Diamondbacks have the 2nd best record in the National League (Milwaukee Brewers: 47-33). While the Diamondbacks, and Paul Goldschmidt, had a May to forget (Goldschmidt hit .144 in May, and the team went 8-19), they’ve bounced back to the tune of 19-7 in June.

Robbie Ray is back. Zack Godley is pitching to his abilities (again). And the other Zack (Greinke) is 5-1 since May. While the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants are nipping at their heels, expect the Diamondbacks to win their 1st NL West Division Title since 2011.

Biggest Surprise – Milwaukee Brewers

Cardinals Brewers Baseball

I knew the Milwaukee Brewers were a good baseball team. I just didn’t know they’d be THIS good. To have the best record in the National League, with THIS pitching staff, is no small feat. If you can name the entire starting rotation for the Brewers, I’ll make your next car payment. I’m serious. GO ahead. I’ll wait….

Even ‘The Google’ doesn’t know.

The Brewers’ roster is filled with a long list of good players. No superstars. No CY Young Award candidates. Just good, do a little bit of everything, players. Only time will tell if they can hold off the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Central Division.

MVP – Freddie Freeman


Until May 14th (my birthday), A.J. Pollock was running away with the NL MVP Award. And then he got hurt. Now, your guess is as good as mine….

While the aforementioned Paul Goldschmidt has turned his life around, he’s not the MVP. Freddie is. Freddie Freeman is having the best season of his career. He’s on pace for 31 home runs, 111 rbi, and 12 sbs with a .318 batting average.

Oh, and the Atlanta Braves are in 1st place in the NL East (45-34).

CY Young – Max Scherzer


As deserving as Jacob deGrom is of a CY Young Award, Max Scherzer is THAT much better than deGrom. If this was the ‘I Feel Really Badly For You Award’, deGrom would be the unanimous victor. However, Max Scherzer is the best pitcher in MLB.


Max Scherzer has been the best pitcher in MLB for the past seven years.

Yes, I’m aware Clayton Kershaw has been in MLB for the past seven years as well. But I’m also aware that you can’t win baseball games from the trainer’s room. While Clayton Kershaw’s stuff is unparalleled, Max Scherzer’s durability makes him the best, most consistent pitcher in MLB.


Do you think I’m crazy?!?! Explain yourself in the comment section below….

Bad New York, Bad!!

It was a forgettable weekend in New York.

The New York Mets’ losing ways CONTINUED, and the New York Yankees started a losing streak of their own.

Did one of the Mets’ disappointments sneeze on a Yankee?! 

‘The Amazin’s’


The Mets continue to outdo themselves. I guess if you’re going to lose everyday, it would behoove you to find new and inventive ways to land in the loss column. Sunday afternoon was certainly new. The Mets gave up SEVEN SOLO HOME RUNS!!!! First of all, how is that even possible?? Second of all, how is that even possible?!

When the game started with back-to-back home runs by Enrique Hernandez and Max Muncy (who’s turning into a star by the way), the Metropolitans should have known it was going to be a long afternoon. Solo shots in the 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 11th innings would cap off a heart breaking 8-7 loss.

Check out all seven homers, including former Met, Justin Turner’s, decisive 11th inning blast:

Turner, ironically had the day off Sunday, but was brought off the bench in the 8th inning, only to put his former team out of their misery. The Mets have now lost six games in a row, and 13-of-14 at Citi Field. And to add insult to injury (literally), the Mets’ one bright spot this season, Brandon Nimmo, left the game in the 7th inning with a hand injury. Nimmo will have an MRI Monday on his right pinky finger, and the Mets are optimistic he’ll avoid a stint on the disabled list.

The Yankees Do Their Best Mets Impersonation

yankees swept by rays


It had been exactly one month since the Yankees lost consecutive games — and a series. Apparently, the 22nd and 23rd of the month are bad luck for the Yankees. They also went on to lose Sunday (7-6), marking their 1st three-game losing streak of the season. And to overuse the term adding insult to injury, the Yankees have seemingly lost Gary Sanchez to the disabled list as well. Sanchez strained his groin trying to beat out a double-play in the 10th inning.

Allow me stop Yankee fans from reaching for the panic button — again.

The Yankees are 50-25 on the season. And despite losing three games in a row, they still have the BEST RECORD IN MLB!! They’ll be fine.

Throughout a 162-game MLB season, teams will have offensive droughts. Players will get injured. And teams will doubt their general direction. The Yankees should do no such thing. Outside of (possibly) acquiring a good starting pitcher before the trade deadline, the Yankees should stand pat, and enjoy their winning ways.

Plus, nothing helps a struggling offense more than playing in Citizens Bank Park.


Are you a panicking Yankee fan?? Slap yourself in the face, and then explain yourself in the comment section below. 

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Sports + Politics = ad98fgaj#%^e8r09r^&*gjae09r

“I quit!!”

“You can’t quit….you’re fired!!”

Wait, what?! Last time I checked, you can’t fire someone who’s already quit.

Can You Disinvite Someone Who’s Already RSVP’d NO????

The Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII. Traditionally, championship teams, in major sports, are invited to the White House to celebrate their victory. Reportedly, only ONE Eagles’ player (Nick Foles) had confirmed he would attend Tuesday’s celebration. When the White House caught wind of this, the Eagles’ invitation was revoked.

not invited

Sounds mature.

This issue stems from handfuls of NFL players choosing to kneel on the field during the National Anthem. A good portion of Eagles’ players were known to participate in this form of protest. The White House issued a statement Monday evening:

“The Philadelphia Eagles are unable to come to the White House with their full team to be celebrated tomorrow. They disagree with their president because he insists that they proudly stand for the national anthem, hand on heart, in honor of the great men and women of our military and the people of our country.”

The Mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney, posted a scathing response:

“Disinviting the Eagles from the White House only proves that our president is not a true patriot, but a fragile egomaniac obsessed with crowd size and afraid of the embarrassment of throwing a party to which no one wants to attend.”

“City Hall is always open for a celebration,” he added.

SPORTS and POLITICS have just taken part in a head-on collision.

The question is: Does anyone want that?? 

Yankee Power Play

The New York Yankees flexed their muscles this week.


This past Friday, ESPN announced they would move the Yankees-Blue Jays game on Sunday, July 8th from 1:00 P.M. EST to 8:00 P.M. EST (Sunday Night Baseball). This decision came just one day after the Yankees agreed to make-up a postponed game with the Baltimore Orioles on Monday, July 9th (as part of a double-header). This meant ESPN would have been asking the Yankees to play three games, in two different cities (and countries), in approximately 24 hours. These three games are also games three, four, and five of an 11-game road trip for the Yankees. I’m just sayin’….

I know the Yankees move the needle no matter who, and where they play, but this seemed like overkill. So, after the Yankees’ organization threatened to boycott interviews with ESPN for the REST OF THE SEASON, MLB acquiesced, moving the Yankees’ July 8th game back to 1:00 P.M. EST. Instead, Sunday Night Baseball will broadcast the Los Angeles Angels vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“We’re thankful to Commissioner Manfred for coming up with a common sense solution,” Yankees President Randy Levine said.

Common sense. What’s that?!


How do you feel about the Eagles not being present at the White House?? Post your feelings in the comment section below.

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April’s Lasting Impression Has NOTHING on May!!

My favorite month is HERE!!

May is awesome for many reasons:

NBA Playoffs

NHL Playoffs

MLB Season in full swing

Yeah, yeah, those are great, but here are the REAL reasons:

Mother’s Day

Actual, SUSTAINED nice weather  

Mine, my Wife, and my Dad’s birthdays (coincidentally all on the SAME DAY — May 14th)!!!!

Speaking of birthdays (we’ll get to sports at some point today..I promise), for those who watch, or listen, to my Sports Talk Radio Show, DaveTalksSports, today is my co-host, Uncle Mike’s, birthday!! Happy Birthday Brother!!

Which naturally transitions to MLB finishing April with a bang. How do I come up with these segues?! Genius….

Not 1, not 2, but 3!!

A.J. Pollock is really good at baseball. Casual baseball fans don’t know that. Pollock plays in Phoenix, Arizona, one of baseball’s forgotten cities. And he’s often injured, playing in just 524 of a potential 972 games through his first six seasons (53.9%). Pollock possesses a unique power/speed skillset and is the primary reason the Arizona Diamondbacks have the best record in the National League (20-8). His THREE home runs Monday night are a prime example of his power potential.

Pollock will hope to transition from April to May as smoothly as the transition from the introduction to the rest of this article.

I’m Going To Strike You Out!!


Raise your hand if you know Josh Hader….

Put your hand down, liar.

Josh Hader is a relief pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers. He’s temporarily earning saves while Cory Knebel recovers from a hamstring injury. Monday night, Hader made history. He became the 1st pitcher, since saves became an official statistic in 1969, to strike out 8 batters, in less than 3 innings, while earning a save. 8 strikeouts in 2 and 2/3 innings. That’s some nasty stuff right there.

I guess there’s a reason why it’s never been done before….

Sonny Gray Sighting!! 

sonny gray 2

Okay, quit foolin’ around. Who’s the imposter who pitched in Sonny Gray’s jersey Monday night????

While the Yankees suffered a 2-1 loss to the Astros Monday night, Sonny Gray threw his 2nd quality start of the season:

6 innings, 2 runs, 4 strikeouts, and 3 walks

Not the best start of his career, but encouraging against a powerful Astros’ lineup, on the road. Hopefully Gray will carry the positives from this start into May. Gray’s next start will be Cinco de Mayo, at home, against the Cleveland Indians.

The Yankees have announced they’ll stick with Austin Romine as Gray’s personal catcher.

From Bad To Worse

corey seager

Remember when the Los Angeles Dodgers were expected to make consecutive World Series appearances?? Remember when the Dodgers had the 3rd highest payroll in MLB?? And remember when, despite having the best starting pitcher and closer in baseball, it ALL fell apart?!

That, would be today….

As if April couldn’t get any worse (12-16), the Dodgers received terrible news Monday. All-star shortstop, Corey Seager, will require season-ending Tommy John Surgery. At just 24, the 2016 NL Rookie of the Year had become a mainstay in a strong Dodgers’ lineup. His power upside coupled with a .302 career batting average made him one of the better shortstops in MLB. We wish him luck in recovery, however, his team, may be past the point of recovery.


What was the best part of the last day of April?? Tell me in the comment section below.

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Yu Is Worth A Lot More Than You!!

It’s finally here!!

Can you smell it??

No, not what the Rock is cookin’; BASEBALL!! It’s February 12th. It should smell like freshly cut grass and pine tar in your living room by now.

While pitchers and catchers start reporting to spring training today (Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Mets), some of those lockers may remain empty for the foreseeable future. By my count, 107 free agents remain unsigned. Unprecedented and wild.

****We now take a break from your regularly scheduled program to make fun of the Mets: How is it that the Mets report their pitchers, catchers, and position players (February 17th) EARLIER than the rest of the league, yet still suck so badly????

With this year’s free agent market so unbalanced, the MLBPA (Major League Baseball Player’s Association) has decided to host a spring training camp for free agents. I guess teams should be pleased players will be staying in shape, but I can’t imagine heads around MLB are sleeping soundly on pillows every night….

What caused this problem?? 

There are many theories floating around in the ether. Union chief, Tony Clark, believes teams are “racing toward the bottom”. MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred, thinks agents have “inaccurately assessed the market”. The bottom line is players want more money than they’re worth.

Worth is a funny thing. A player, like Carlos Santana, is worth $20 million per year in 2018. The same Carlos Santana may have been worth $22 million per year in 2017. Each year’s free agent market dictates a player’s worth. Regardless of the year, or market, one thing remains constant:

You are worth what someone is willing to pay you.

The Chicago Cubs decided Yu Darvish is worth $126 million (6 years). Contract incentives could push the deal as high as $150 million. Darvish’s new contract is the biggest of the offseason — so far. I, probably shouldn’t question Cubs’ president of baseball operations, Theo Esptein, but, ah, what the hell….


What is Theo Epstein thinking?!?! Yes, Yu Darvish is as talented a strikeout machine as anyone in MLB, but Yu can’t strike hitters out from the trainer’s room. Assuming 33 starts is a full season, Darvish has almost pitched 1 full season in his 5-year tenure in MLB (I know he pitched 31 games last year, but that doesn’t help prove my point). Darvish has started just 131 of a possible 165 games. Listen, not everyone’s Cal Ripken Jr., but I’d expect my 126 million dollar man to play more than 79% of the time.

And don’t forget his consecutive ‘blow-ups’ in the 2017 World Series. Both consisted of 4 earned runs in 1 and 2/3 innings, leaving a historically bad taste in ‘Dodger Nation’. Maybe Epstein thinks 1 World Series will override 6 injury plagued, inconsistent seasons.

I wish Yu luck.


Like, Love, or Hate Yu Darvish’s contract?? Tell me in the comment section below.

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MLB Hall Of Fame Grows By 4

It’s the highest honor a professional athlete can receive. It’s the culmination of a life’s work. It’s validation.

The greatness of 4 individuals was recognized Wednesday evening, as they were elected to the MLB Hall of Fame:

Chipper Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, Jim Thome, and Trevor Hoffman.

This Hall of Fame class is strong, with 4 players being elected for just the 4th time (1947, 1955, 2015).

Chipper Jones, 3B/OF, Atlanta Braves (1993-2012 – 97.2%)

Chipper Jones played his entire 19-year career with the Atlanta Braves. As a switch-hitting third baseman and outfielder, Jones was part of the Braves’ dynasty that won 14 consecutive NL East Division Titles. Mets fans know what I’m talking about.

Jones’ career was filled with numerous accolades, including 8 All-Star Game appearances, 1 MVP, and 1 World Series. Jones ranks 3rd all-time in home runs by a switch hitter. As the #1 overall pick in the 1990 draft, Jones lived up to expectations, finishing 2nd in Rookie of the Year voting in 1995 (Hideo Nomo). Consistency and longevity could have been his nicknames, as he drove in at least 100 runs 9 times and hit at least 20 homes runs 14 times.

Check out his stats here.

Few are more deserving than Chipper Jones, and he can now smile knowing he’s been immortalized amongst the greatest to ever play the game.

Vladimir Guerrero, OF/DH, Montreal Expos/Los Angeles Angels (1996-2011 – 92.9%)

Has there ever been a scarier hitter?? No, he’s not the best hitter of all-time, but his ability to hit ANY pitch made him one of the toughest outs in MLB history. I once saw Vlad hit a homerun off of 1 knee. Vlad possessed a rare power, batting average combination. He hit over .300 in 14 of his 16 seasons, hit 25 home runs 12 times, and drove in 100 runs 10 times. I’m still trying to figure out how he didn’t make it in on his 1st ballot….

Check out his stats here.

Vlad also had the best arm I’ve ever seen. When you can throw the ball from the right field wall to home plate, on a fly, off your back foot, you have a GREAT arm!!

Jim Thome, 1B/3B/DH, Cleveland Indians (1991-2012 – 89.8%)

Jim Thome had 1 job, and he did it VERY well. His job was to hit the ball over the wall. He did that 612 times (8th all-time). That’s a lot of times!!

Allow me to put that into perspective. Thome hit at least 40 homes runs 6 times. Only 8 players have hit 40 home runs more times than Thome. And his slugging percentage (.554) ranks 23rd all-time.

Check out his stats here.

Oddly, Thome wore 6 different jerseys throughout his 22-year career. Thome, along with Jones, became a 1st ballot Hall of Famer Wednesday evening.

Trevor Hoffman, RP, San Diego Padres (1993-2010 – 79.9%)

Trevor Hoffman is in elite company. He’s just the 6th reliever to be elected to the Hall of Fame. While he ranks 2nd all-time in saves (behind the almighty Mariano Rivera), he is a controversial selection for Cooperstown. Hoffman was known for 2 things: his strikeout ability, and his propensity to blow big games.

Check out his stats here.

Hoffman’s shortcomings won’t show up all over a stat sheet, but I don’t think he’s worthy of the Hall of Fame. It should be the Hall of Great, not the Hall of Very Good.


Do you agree with the Hall of Fame selections?? Is Trevor Hoffman a Hall of Famer?? Tell me everything you think in the comment section below.

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And The Winner Is….


Drumroll please!


And the winner, of the Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes, is….


Nobody yet. But stay tuned. The answer to everyone’s question is coming soon. At some point in the next 15 days to be exact. Ohtani’s window to negotiate with Major League teams closes at 11:59 P.M. EST, on December 22nd. Christmas will come early for 1 lucky MLB franchise. As of now, Ohtani has narrowed his choice to 7 teams:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Los Angeles Angels
  • San Diego Padres
  • San Francisco Giants
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Texas Rangers
  • Seattle Mariners

This list speaks volumes about Ohtani’s thought process:

Proximity To Home

Yes, Shohei Ohtani will be relocating to the United States of America to play MLB. However, it appears he would like to reside as close to his homeland of Japan as possible. Outside of the Cubs and Rangers, his prospective teams are located on the West coast.

Who’s Missing?

In skimming this list, you’ll also notice something glaring: The New York Yankees are missing!! I’m not saying this because I’m a Yankees’ fan, but I thought the Yankees would’ve been a great fit for Japan’s Babe Ruth. Last time I checked, Babe Ruth played for the Yankees. What better way to follow in the footsteps of the greatest baseball player in MLB history than to play for the same team??

Lack of Companionship

As you dig a little deeper into these teams, you’ll realize they lack something. None of these teams have a notable, Japanese star. Yu Darvish is a free agent, so he doesn’t play for the Dodgers. My educated guess is he doesn’t want to play in the shadow of another Japanese star.

That’s A Surprise

I’m surprised the majority of this list is comprised of 4 National League teams. We all know Ohtani is a 2-way player. He’s a starting pitcher, an outfielder, and a designated hitter. I’m not inside the head of the 7 general managers/owners of Ohtani’s potential landing spots, but I figured he would pitch and strictly play DH. To allow Ohtani to pitch, hit, and play the field is extremely risky, and is something a National League team would be forced to do.

Show Me What You’re Made Of!!

I have to be honest. For a player to forego a potentially 9-figure contract (in just 2 years) by coming to MLB “early”, it would be nice if he’d land in a big market. Because nothing says ‘show me what you’re made of’ quite like the spotlight of Yankee Stadium, or Fenway Park, or CitiField. That’s why if he goes to any team not named the Dodgers, I’ll be slightly disappointed in the young man.


I don’t think he’ll wind up in the National League, so cross the Dodgers, Cubs, Padres, and Giants off the list. I think he wants to be the best player on a bad team, so cross the Angels off too. This leaves the Rangers and Mariners. On Wednesday, the Mariners acquired an additional $1 million in International Bonus money, so they look more enticing. However, the Rangers are still the leaders in the clubhouse in terms of International Bonus money.

Ultimately, I believe Shohei Ohtani will end up playing for the Seattle Mariners next season. They’re a mediocre team, that plays on the West coast, in the American League. As long as they allow him to pitch once every 6 days, and play DH 4 times per week, the Mariners have this thing locked up.


What do you think?? Where will Shohei Ohtani play baseball next season?? Post your prediction in the comment section below.

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Astros Claim 1st World Series Title In Convincing Game 7 Victory

astros win world series

The Houston Astros are World Series Champions!!

They can call themselves champions for the first time in their 55-year history.  Everyone on the 25-man roster (except Juan Centeno) contributed to the epic, 7-game victory. But no one did more than George Springer. Springer, who had a monster season, was A BEAST in the World Series. He was easily named World Series MVP.

Springer’s World Series: .379 batting avg., 5 home runs (tied record), 7 rbi’s, and 8 runs scored

As for Game 7, we got a clunker. The Astros started at 100 mph, while the Dodgers were standing still. The Astros scored 2 runs in the first 2 minutes, putting the game out of reach before my butt hit the couch. For good measure, the Astros added 3 insurance runs in the 2nd inning, running Yu Darvish from the game through just 1 and 2/3 innings. Darvish coincidentally pitched 1 and 2/3 innings in Game 3 as well. Bet the Dodgers are glad they traded for him.

I love when people leap from the shadows with revisionist history. “I wouldn’t have started Darvish, ” they say. Listen, in Game 7, the leash must be so short you can hear your starting pitcher breathe, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have been given the opportunity. Yu Darvish should have been pulled from the game before he gave up 3 runs in the 2nd inning. He should have left with a 2-0 deficit, leaving a glimmer of hope, rather than burying his teammates with a 5-0 deficit. But that’s not Darvish’s fault, it’s Dodgers’ manager, Dave Roberts’. Ironically, Roberts was finally bitten by leaving his starting pitcher in too long. All postseason, Roberts routinely pulled his starters (who were pitching well) WAYYYY TOO EARLY.  If you’re bad, you’re bad, but at least be consistent.

I like to call out the overshadowed. Sometimes it’s for the good, sometimes (like today) it’s for the bad. No one is ripping Cody Bellinger to pieces. But they should be. Bellinger went 0-4 with 3 strikeouts in Game 7. He hit .143, breaking the record for most strikeouts in a World Series (17). When rookie sensation, Aaron Judge, was breaking dubious strikeout records the world lost their minds. When Bellinger does it, no one says a word. Bellinger, the son of former MLB pitcher, Clay Bellinger, was a rookie sensation too. What’s up with the double standard?!

Congratulations are in order. Not for the Astros!! We did that already. For Carlos Correa and his future wife, Daniella Rodriguez. The Astros’ shortstop decided to cram the 2 best moments of his life into 1 evening:

He proposed to his girlfriend, on the field, after the game!!


Awesome!! Well done young man!!

Mr. Correa has a bright future ahead of him. At just 23 years of age, the world is in his hands. The question is, how will he, and the young Astros, handle the pressure of being favorites next year??


What will you watch now that baseball is over?? Tell me all about it in the comment section below.


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Nothing Better Than Game 7!!


Okay. So, you all got what you wanted: Game 7. Well, all except the Houston Astros and their fans. But everyone else, everyone else got what they wanted. Another do-or-die situation. It’s the best term in sports; Game 7.

Wednesday night’s Game 7 will stand as the 38th in World Series history, and the 2nd in as many years. The question is, will we get a clunker like 1956 or an unforgettable masterpiece like 1960??

To understand where we are, we must look at how we get here…. 

“Oh, now he’s a philosophizer.”

I feel bad for those who fell into a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup induced coma in the 5th inning. You missed yet another comeback by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Justin Verlander, with a 1-0 lead, had a 1-hit gem going.

Then, the 6th inning happened: Single, Hit By Pitch, Double, Sacrifice Fly.

And just like that, a 1-0 lead became a 2-1 deficit.

Verlander got through the inning but would be the end of his evening. Joe Musgrove was brought in to cough up a solo home run to Joc Pederson. 3-1 is where it would stay. Following Dave Roberts’ quick hook of starter, Rich Hill, the Dodgers went to the familiar combination of Brandon Morrow, Tony Watson, Kenta Maeda, and Kenley Jansen to slam the door on the Astros. This 4-man wrecking crew would allow just 1 hit and 1 walk through 4 and 2/3 innings. Jansen, aka Super-Closer, will be available for Game 7 despite a 2-inning save. All I have to say is, 2 innings, 19 pitches, and 18 strikes. Boom!

Game 7 will be played tonight at 8:20 P.M. EST on FOX. Lance McCullers Jr. will face off against Yu Darvish for all the marbles. I look forward to having a fist fight with my eyelids.

Who wins tonight?? Post your prediction, with the score, in the comment section below.


Halloween was a busy day in the sports world. 4 P.M. EST marked the trade deadline in the NFL. A handful of names were on the move. Some trades were good, some were bad, and some may effect your fantasy football team. However, we must take this moment in history to make fun of the Cleveland Browns. I know, I know. They’re an easy target. But some things can’t be ignored.

Did you ever do something….but not actually do it?? Yeah I know that doesn’t make sense, but the Cleveland Browns figured out how to accomplish whatever it is I’m saying. The Browns traded for Cincinnati Bengals’ backup quarterback, A.J. McCarron on Tuesday. The Bengals would receive a 2nd and 3rd round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, and McCarron would receive a slow, painful death sentence otherwise known as the starting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns.

The Bengals sent all the necessary paperwork to the Browns as well as the NFL approximately 20 minutes prior to the deadline. The Browns sent paperwork to the Bengals, but left out the only part that matters….SENDING PAPERWORK TO THE NFL!!

No trade is official until it’s signed, sealed, and delivered to the NFL. Yeah, I went there. As dumb as my New York Jets are, I am confident that ONLY the Cleveland Browns can figure out how to make a trade without actually making a trade….

Notable Trades:

Carolina Panthers traded Kelvin Benjamin to the Buffalo Bills for a 3rd and 7th-round picks (2018)

Miami Dolphins traded Jay Ajayi to the Philadelphia Eagles for a 4th-round pick (2018)

Buffalo Bills traded Marcell Dareus to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a 6th-round pick (2018)

Are the Cleveland Browns the most poorly run franchise in sports history?? If not, please tell me in the comment section below.


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