Nothing Better Than Game 7!!


Okay. So, you all got what you wanted: Game 7. Well, all except the Houston Astros and their fans. But everyone else, everyone else got what they wanted. Another do-or-die situation. It’s the best term in sports; Game 7.

Wednesday night’s Game 7 will stand as the 38th in World Series history, and the 2nd in as many years. The question is, will we get a clunker like 1956 or an unforgettable masterpiece like 1960??

To understand where we are, we must look at how we get here…. 

“Oh, now he’s a philosophizer.”

I feel bad for those who fell into a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup induced coma in the 5th inning. You missed yet another comeback by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Justin Verlander, with a 1-0 lead, had a 1-hit gem going.

Then, the 6th inning happened: Single, Hit By Pitch, Double, Sacrifice Fly.

And just like that, a 1-0 lead became a 2-1 deficit.

Verlander got through the inning but would be the end of his evening. Joe Musgrove was brought in to cough up a solo home run to Joc Pederson. 3-1 is where it would stay. Following Dave Roberts’ quick hook of starter, Rich Hill, the Dodgers went to the familiar combination of Brandon Morrow, Tony Watson, Kenta Maeda, and Kenley Jansen to slam the door on the Astros. This 4-man wrecking crew would allow just 1 hit and 1 walk through 4 and 2/3 innings. Jansen, aka Super-Closer, will be available for Game 7 despite a 2-inning save. All I have to say is, 2 innings, 19 pitches, and 18 strikes. Boom!

Game 7 will be played tonight at 8:20 P.M. EST on FOX. Lance McCullers Jr. will face off against Yu Darvish for all the marbles. I look forward to having a fist fight with my eyelids.

Who wins tonight?? Post your prediction, with the score, in the comment section below.


Halloween was a busy day in the sports world. 4 P.M. EST marked the trade deadline in the NFL. A handful of names were on the move. Some trades were good, some were bad, and some may effect your fantasy football team. However, we must take this moment in history to make fun of the Cleveland Browns. I know, I know. They’re an easy target. But some things can’t be ignored.

Did you ever do something….but not actually do it?? Yeah I know that doesn’t make sense, but the Cleveland Browns figured out how to accomplish whatever it is I’m saying. The Browns traded for Cincinnati Bengals’ backup quarterback, A.J. McCarron on Tuesday. The Bengals would receive a 2nd and 3rd round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, and McCarron would receive a slow, painful death sentence otherwise known as the starting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns.

The Bengals sent all the necessary paperwork to the Browns as well as the NFL approximately 20 minutes prior to the deadline. The Browns sent paperwork to the Bengals, but left out the only part that matters….SENDING PAPERWORK TO THE NFL!!

No trade is official until it’s signed, sealed, and delivered to the NFL. Yeah, I went there. As dumb as my New York Jets are, I am confident that ONLY the Cleveland Browns can figure out how to make a trade without actually making a trade….

Notable Trades:

Carolina Panthers traded Kelvin Benjamin to the Buffalo Bills for a 3rd and 7th-round picks (2018)

Miami Dolphins traded Jay Ajayi to the Philadelphia Eagles for a 4th-round pick (2018)

Buffalo Bills traded Marcell Dareus to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a 6th-round pick (2018)

Are the Cleveland Browns the most poorly run franchise in sports history?? If not, please tell me in the comment section below.


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Astros Outlast Dodgers In Craziest World Series Game Ever


Clayton Kershaw vs. Dallas Keuchel.

Must have been a 1-0 pitcher’s duel, right??


Instead, a 7-home run, 13-12, extra inning slugfest. A game, some will call, ‘the craziest game ever played’.

You couldn’t have scripted a more evenly matched game if you tried. Both teams….

  • Had 14 hits
  • Made 1 error
  • Used 7 pitchers
  • Used 11 offensive players
  • Scored 3+ runs in 3 innings

Honestly, I feel bad for the Dodgers. With no rooting interest, all I’ve been hoping for is good baseball. CHECK. But hey, somebody has to lose.

You know who else lost?? ME!! Why the hell does this game need to start at 8:15 P.M. EST on a Sunday?! I understand time zones, but we’re talking about Sunday. This 5 hour and 17 minute marathon, lasted until approximately 1:32 A.M. EST.

This game would see 8 lead changes, or ties, in what can only be described as pure insanity….

1st Inning

The Dodgers jumped out to an early lead, hanging 3 runs on Dallas Keuchel. Clayton Kershaw was cruising, allowing just 1 hit through 3 innings. And then, the bottom of the 4th inning happened.

4th Inning

The Dodgers added another run, bringing their lead to a seemingly insurmountable 4-0. An rbi-double and a 3-run home run later, the game was tied.

5th Inning

Cody Bellinger and Jose Altuve would swap 3-run home runs, bringing the calamity to 7-7 through 5 innings.

7th Inning

The Dodgers would retake the lead (8-7) on an rbi-triple, by who else, Cody Bellinger. The Astros would strike back with a 3-run inning of their own. George Springer hit a monstrous, 448-foot home run, Altuve had an rbi-double, and Carlos Correa would add a 2-run home run of his own, bringing this home run derby to a score of 11-8.

8th Inning

Each team would add another run in the 8th, bringing us to 12-9 heading to the 9th inning.

You didn’t think the madness would end here did you??

9th inning

A 2-run, Yasiel Puig home run shot life back into the Dodgers, bringing them within 1 run (12-11). Puig’s home run broke the record for most home runs in a postseason series (22). And with 2 strikes, and 2 outs, Chris Taylor would drive in the game tying run!! Insane!!

To Extras we go….

10th inning

After 2 quick outs by super closer, Kenley Jansen, he hit and walked consecutive batters. Enter Alex Bregman. Bregman wasted no time, as he was 1st pitch swinging. A drive up the middle would bring pinch running, Derek Fisher to the plate. And in dramatic fashion, the Houston Astros, took a 3-2 series lead.

These teams will have a much needed day off Monday, as they travel to Los Angeles. Catch game 6 on FOX, Tuesday @ 8:20 P.M. EST. Justin Verlander and Rich Hill will take the mound for a Halloween matchup.


Was Game 5 the craziest World Series game in MLB history?? If not, prove me wrong in the comment section below.


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The Fine Line Between Success And Failure

yankees lose

New York has seen better days.

In a baseball town that’s often World Series or bust, the 2017 Yankees have caused mixed emotions. Today, there is only 1 acceptable emotion: SORROW.

But as the dust settles on the season, we can ask the question from the blackboard:

Was this season a success for the Yankees??  

Many have grown accustom to winning, so their answer is an emphatic NO. Others look at the expectations prior to the season and laud this season as an overwhelming success.

Can’t it be both??

At the start of the season, the Yankees were projected to win 83 games. That’s not a playoff bound team. They didn’t know what they had in right field. They didn’t know they had an ace pitcher. And they didn’t know they’d be 1 game away from the World Series. So, how could anyone possibly be disappointed with the result of this season?? Spoiled, entitled, a**hole Yankees’ fans, that’s how.

YES, I’m a Yankees’ fan. My entire life. I’m just one of the good ones.

Humility goes a long way. Especially when you often find yourself hoisting the trophy. This was not the Yankees’ year. The same reason they overcame adversity to reach Game 7 of the ALCS, is the same reason they faltered in Game 7 of the ALCS. They’re young, and unexperienced, and naïve.

If I don’t know how big the moment is, how can the moment be too big?? 

The Houston Astros are a very good team. They deserve to be in the World Series. 1 different hop or different 1 bounce, and the Yankees could be in the World Series. That’s what it means to be in a Game 7. Rather than scrutinize every mistake made in the ALCS, oversimplify we shall….

ALCS in a nutshell:

Yankees’ offense in New York: 19 runs in 3 games

Yankees’ offense in Houston: 3 runs in 4 games

That’s it. That’s the whole story. That’s all she wrote.

This oversimplifying stuff is fun. Let’s try it again:

Looking through April 1st (start of the season) glasses: Huge Success

July 31st (trade deadline) glasses: That’s About Right

October 18th (Yankees’ 3-2 ALCS lead) glasses: Complete Failure  

We (Yankees’ fans) shouldn’t have tantrums about not winning a World Series since 2009. Just think — we could be Mets’ fans. But, we also shouldn’t count our chickens before they hatch. Having a solid young core doesn’t guarantee sustained success. The ‘Baby Bombers’ may never win a World Series. Or, they can win 4.

Only time will tell….


Was the Yankees’ season a success?? Was it a failure?? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Thursday Is The New Saturday


Stupidity. Elation. Revenge. Greatness.

Thursday night was filled with all of the above — and more….

Marshawn Lynch Is A Jerk!!

We already know the elevator doesn’t go to the top floor, but Lynch hit a new low Thursday night. In the 2nd quarter, of a 3-point game, Derek Carr was hit late by Marcus Peters. This led to a healthy scuffle. In his infinite wisdom, Marshawn Lynch ran onto the field in defense of his teammates. Not the smartest move, but some would call it admirable. It’s what he did next that lands him in the ‘Einstein Hall of Fame’. Check out the sequence here. Lynch can be seen grabbing and shoving an official during the scrum. What an idiot!! He was immediately ejected from the game. He should also be fined and promptly released from the Raiders. If he’s not, I’ll be confused. He sucks anyway.

Don’t let stupidity overshadow a fantastic football game. If you like offense, and 4th quarter comebacks, and last-second touchdowns, this was the game for you!! Check out the crazy, 31-30 box score. Those are video game numbers!! The Raiders, down 9 entering the 4th quarter, completed a dramatic comeback with a buzzer beating touchdown. After 2 touchdowns were nullified, and the Chiefs lent a hand with 2 dumb penalties, Derek Carr finally connected with Michael Crabtree in the corner of the end zone. The game clock read 0:00, and after the extra-point, the celebration was on.

The Drought Is Over

After 29 years, the Los Angeles Dodgers are returning to the World Series. They defeated the Chicago Cubs, 11-1 in Game 5, and will await the winner of the ALCS (Yankees/Astros). The Dodgers had a magical season, winning a league best 104 games. And one of their lesser known players had a magical game Thursday night. Enrique Hernandez, super utility man, hit 3 home runs, driving in 7 runs. Decent.

The Dodgers avenged their 2016 NLCS loss to the Chicago Cubs, enjoying major contributions from Chris Taylor and Justin Turner. The Dodgers are hopeful their young shortstop, Corey Seager, will return to the diamond for the World Series. Seager missed the NLCS with a back injury. Maybe Seager will channel some Kirk Gibson in this one….

Melo vs. Knicks Headlines NBA On Thursday Night

16. 17. 21. No, not my locker combination, but the score differential in the 3 NBA games played on Thursday night. 3 stinkers from 3 bad teams; Lakers, Bulls, and Knicks. Luckily, the NBA and their insane offseason created storylines for months. Melo opened his season against his old team, and Little Ball made his Lakers’ debut.

Ball, Patrick Beverly. Patrick Beverly, Ball. Welcome to the NBA rook‘!! All the little guy could muster up was 3 points on 1 of 6 shooting from the field. What a shame!!

As for Melo, he was Melo. He dropped 22 points (8-20 from the field) and contributed nothing else to his team. The Oklahoma City Thunder are a superior team to the Knicks, so it wasn’t a contest. Russell Westbrook picked up where he left off, finishing with a monster triple-double (21 points, 16 assists, and 10 rebounds).

How Bout Dem Yankees?!

And now, it’s Yankees’ time!! The Yankees head back to Houston to take on the Astros in Game 6 of the ALCS tonight on FS1 @ 8:08 P.M. EST. Luis Severino and Justin Verlander will take the hill. I’m going to hang my hat on 1 stat (and hope it works). Verlander’s e.r.a. in starts after throwing 120+ pitches is over 6.00. He threw 124 pitches in his last start. Fingers are officially crossed.

I know who MLB is rooting for. Yankees vs. Dodgers is MLB’s wet dream. I just want the Yankees to take care of business tonight, because Game 7’s scare me.

What were you watching Thursday night?? Will the Yankees clinch a World Series birth tonight?? Tell me in the comment section below.


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Tanaka Shows Emotion For The 1st Time..Ever — Shuts Out Astros In Game 5

tanaka game 5

2, 2, 1, 4, and 0. No, that’s not my ATM pin number, it’s the number of runs scored by the Houston Astros in the ALCS. While the storyline continues to revolve around Aaron Judge and the Yankees’ potent offense, the pitching staff continues to be overshadowed.

Yes, the bats needed to wake up, as they were limited to 1 run each of the first 2 games, but they wouldn’t be leading the ALCS 3 games to 2 without stellar pitching. Everyone knows how dominant their bullpen is, however, they’ve sported the best starting rotation so far this postseason. The only team who has performed near the level of the Yankees is the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Heading into this season, the Yankees’ starting rotation was littered with question marks. How would Luis Severino perform in his 1st full season as a starter?? How much does CC Sabathia have left in the tank?? Can Michael Pineda stay healthy for an entire season?? Who will be the 5th starter??

The Yankees overachieved this season, so the majority of these questions were answered in the affirmative, however, they did falter at times. Pineda was shut down for the year in early July. Jordan Montgomery, who filled the 5th starter role to perfection, ran into an innings limit. And the 1 part of the rotation the Yankees assumed would be the foundation, Masahiro Tanaka, turned out to be the least consistent piece of the puzzle.

Come October, throw everything out the window. Except for my TV. Don’t throw that out the window. Postseason baseball breathes new life into the air. Some rise to the occasion, some succumb to the pressure. The Yankees have risen.

Last night, in a crucial Game 5, Masahiro Tanaka, pitched an absolute gem.


Tanaka’s Day: 7 innings, 3 hits, 0 runs, 1 walk, and 8 strikeouts

The Astros have picked a bad time to go ice cold. 9 runs in 5 games is not going to cut it. Again, this is a testament to the Yankees’ pitching because the Astros are a powerful offense.

Here are the Astros’ offensive rankings in the regular season:

Hits (1,581) – 1st

Runs (896) – 1st

Home Runs (238) – 2nd

Batting Avg. (.282) – 1st

RBI’s (854) – 1st 

Luis Severino will look to keep those powerful bats at bay for 1 more game. Despite being pulled early from his last start, after getting struck with a ball, Severino will take the hill Friday night against Justin Verlander. Verlander mowed down the Yankees in Game 2, so the Yankees will be out for revenge. Hopefully they jump on Verlander early. He’s a rare breed that gets stronger as a game goes on.

Catch all the action tomorrow on FS1 @ 8:08 P.M. EST. When the Yankees win, they’ll return to their 1st World Series since 2009.


Score Prediction: Yankees 5, Astros 3 

Who do you think will win Game 6?? Post your prediction in the comment section below.


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The Sports World’s Amazing Weekend


When it’s 95 degrees outside, you can either go to the beach or do what I did. Yup. I sat in an air conditioned living room and watched sports all weekend. As my Boston people would say, “That was wicked smart.” It was a good weekend to reacquaint yourself with the special a** groove in your couch, because the sports world was busy. Let’s start with the most important (but probably least watched) sporting event of the weekend:


Following a bad loss in Game 5, the Nashville Predators were happy to head home. Prior to Game 6, the Predators stood an impressive 9-1 in their home arena in the playoffs. Unfortunately for the Predators, the Pittsburgh Penguins handed them their 2nd home loss. The Penguins broke a scoreless tie 58 minutes and 35 seconds into the game, scoring what would be the game winning goal. They would add an empty-net goal 1 minute and 21 seconds later, securing a 2-0 victory. And just like that, the Pittsburgh Penguins became the first team in 20 years to win back-to-back Stanley Cup Championships. Sidney Crosby (duh) won the Conn Smythe Trophy (MVP of the Playoffs) for the 2nd straight year. I don’t normally talk about shoulda, woulda, couldas..but ah..what the hell. The Predators actually scored in this game. Just 1 minute and 7 seconds into the 2nd period, Colton Sissons had a goal erased by a quick whistle. The goal shoulda counted, but we can’t go back in time. Also, Sissons and fellow Predator, Filip Forsberg, both hit the post in the 3rd period. That sucks! I feel for the Predators, as their run through the playoffs was fun to watch. Better luck next year!


No sweep. No history. Well, history was still made, just not by the Golden State Warriors. The Cleveland Cavaliers finally won a game (137-116), and they did it in historic fashion. When so many changes are made to the record books, a list is necessary:

  1. The Cavaliers scored 49 points in the 1st quarter
  2. The Cavaliers scored 86 points in the 1st half
  3. The Cavaliers made 24 3-pointers
  4. Lebron James recorded his 9th triple-double in the Finals (breaking Magic Johnson’s record)
  5. Dahntay Jones became the 1st player to get a technical foul from the bench in the NBA Finals (I don’t actually know if this is true – but I think it’s really funny)
  6. Lebron James passed Michael Jordan for 3rd all-time in points scored in the NBA Finals (trailing only Jerry West and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)

Heading into Game 4, the Golden State Warriors were looking to become the 1st team in NBA history to sweep through the playoffs at 16-0. If they win Game 5 they will still be in rarified air. They will join the 2001 Los Angeles Lakers and the 1983 Philadelphia 76ers as the only 1-loss teams to win a championship.

All you Lebron fanatics can pump the brakes. Don’t expect the Cavaliers to hit 24 3-pointers and score 137 points again. You can also expect Lebron, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love not to combine for 94 points again. The Cavaliers are David Wells. They are capable of throwing a Perfect Game, but they aren’t bringing home a Cy Young Award anytime soon. Expect the Warriors to roll in Game 5. 124-111. Warriors win another title. Book it.


Soccer?! Yes. We are going to talk about soccer. Have you ever seen anyone happier to end in a draw before?? That is the question to ask following a draw between U.S.A. and Mexico on Sunday night. You’d think U.S.A. had just won the World Cup. The two nations squared off in a CONCACAF World Cup qualifying match. The match was played in front of 87,000 screaming fans in Estadio Azteca, the famed stadium in the heart of Mexico City. Michael Bradley of U.S.A. scored a shocking goal (from about 40 yards out) just 6 minutes into the match. But, thanks to incredibly poor defense by U.S.A, Mexico tied the match in the 23rd minute when Carlos Vela ran untouched for what seemed like 8 miles before putting home a left-footed strike from just outside the box. The match would end in a 1-1 draw. Maybe there is reason to celebrate, as the U.S.A earned just their 3rd win or draw in 22 tries playing in Mexico City. Pop the champagne……?


Before you laugh, check out the numbers. If the MLB season ended today, Aaron Judge would be the Rookie of the Year and MVP. That hasn’t been done since Ichiro Suzuki in 2001. Aaron Judge is hitting .344 with 21 home runs and 47’s. Yup, that would give Judge the lead in the Triple Crown. Plus, Judge’s Yankees are in 1st place in the American League East with a record of 37-23. PLUS, Aaron Judge hits baseballs really, really FAR. Yes, that baseball really travelled 496 feet. That would be the longest home run since ESPN began tracking distance in 2009. The Yankees are now riding a 5-game winning streak. In their last 5 games, the Yankees have scored a total of 57 runs. That is insane!! This offensive outburst is still being done without future 1st baseman Greg Bird. As good as the offense has been, it is the pitching that has the Yankees in 1st place on June 12th. C.C. Sabathia’s resurgence has been the untold storyline of the Yankees’ season. Let’s hope it continues.


And last but not least….words you’ve heard many times before. 10 times now to be exact. Yes. Rafael Nadal won his 10th French Open title. What words could I possibly find to explain the greatness that is Rafael Nadal?? I don’t know, but I’ll try. He is the best clay-court tennis player ever. We have never seen a player this dominant at anything..ever. Not Wayne Gretzky on ice. Not Bill Russell on the hardwood. And no, not Tom Brady on the gridiron. Rafael Nadal dominates clay like nothing we’ve ever seen. Think about this. Nadal just won the French Open without dropping a set in the ENTIRE TOURNAMENT!! The finals was about as anti-climatic as they come. He defeated Stan Wawrinka 6-2, 6-3, 6-1. At age 31, Nadal is finally healthy again, and that means only one thing..the sky is the limit.

With all these fantastic sporting events on TV this weekend, what did you watch?? Tell me what was on your TV in the comment section below.

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