“Scott Boras Is Really Rich.” (DTS Podcast – #83)

Gerrit Cole is the missing piece for the next Yankees’ World Series.
Everyone keeps blurting out this phrase….”No one is worth that mu….”
Stephen Strasburg, Anthony Rendon, and Scott Boras are also very, very wealthy.
That is all.


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“I’m Young, And I’m Dumb, And I’m BROKE!!!!” (DaveTalksSports Podcast – Ep. #25)

Adrian Peterson has pissed away over 100 Million Dollars!!

That’s a special kind of stupid.

The New York Yankees beat the Minnesota Twins in the ‘Game of the Year’.

Aaron Hicks is the ‘Player of the Day

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Welcome To New York Big Fella!!

Would anyone care for a Gatorade bath??


I bet Giancarlo Stanton would disagree with you on that one.

Walk-Off In Pinstripes!!

The New York Yankees took their 2nd consecutive game off of the Seattle Mariners in as many days. Tuesday night was an easy 7-2 victory. Wednesday, however, came in the form of an epic comeback:

(Watch the entire video)

Wednesday’s game was a tale of two halves. Heading into the bottom of the 5th inning, the Yankees trailed 5-0. It was all pinstripes from there on in:

An Aaron Judge 2-r.b.i. single in the 5th. A Didi Gregorius sacrifice fly in the 7th. A monstrous Gary Sanchez 2-run home run in the 8th. And an absolute rocket walk-off home run by Giancarlo Stanton in the 9th.


Go watch Stanton’s home run again. Check out the pure elation exuded immediately following the stratospheric blast!! AWESOME. And of course, an otherwise odd occurrence, the infamous Gatorade bath. Because nothing says job well done like getting drenched in an ant farm’s dream vacation.

gatorade bath

Maybe this “Yankee Moment” will finally get spoiled Yankee fans off Stanton’s back. I’m the biggest Yankee fan I know, but sometimes I want to gently place my fist between certain Yankee fans’ eyeballs.

He’s on pace for 41 home runs this season….

Pack Your Bags Sir

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Charlotte Hornets

Dwight Howard is on the move — again.

Wednesday morning, the Charlotte Hornets and Brooklyn Nets agreed to a trade:

Hornets Receive:

Timofey Mozgov and two 2nd round picks in tonight’s NBA Draft (40th and 45th picks)

Nets Receive:

Dwight Howard

On the surface this trade seems wildly lopsided. Despite Howard’s poo-poo attitude, he’s still a walking double-double who adds nearly two blocks every night. However, Howard rubs EVERYONE the wrong way, EVERYWHERE he plays. There’s a reason a potential (relax, I said potential) Hall of Fame talent will soon play on his 6th team in 15 seasons.

On the other hand, the Hornets cleared salary cap space for the upcoming season. Howard was due to make nearly $24 million in 2018 opposed to Mozgov’s $16 million.

I still can’t believe someone (the Lakers) signed Timofey freakin’ Mozgov to a 4-year, $64 million contract.


And the Nets will clear salary cap space beyond this year, as Howard’s astronomical contract comes off the books at the end of this season. Slowly, the Nets are becoming the most attractive place to play — in New York.


Are you dumb enough to think A WALK-OFF HOME RUN MAKES Giancarlo Stanton a “Yankee”?!

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Best. Tuesday. EVER!!

Most sports fans get hyped over big events. Championship games. Drafts. Ya know, the important stuff.

But do you know what gets me going??

A random Tuesday in April!!

Yesterday was filled with more breaking news and highlights than I know what to do with. But I’ll try….

Didi Vs. Stanton

stanton 2

Didi Gregorius and Giancarlo Stanton couldn’t have had more polar opposite days:

Didi: 4 for 4 with 2 home runs and 8 rbis (most rbis in a Yankees’ home opener)

Stanton: 0 for 5 with 5 strikeouts

The New York Yankees beat the Tampa Bay Rays 11-4 in their home opener. Didi singlehandedly won this game for the Yankees and was cheered appropriately (and showered with gifts). Stanton on the other hand, was booed. Yes, booed. The same Yankees’ fans who jumped up and down when Stanton hit 2 home runs in their season opener, and proclaimed Stanton could hit 100 home runs this season, are the same morons who booed him yesterday.

Most people are stupid, reactionary creatures, who can’t think more than 2 seconds ahead of their own face. It’s an embarrassing day to be a Yankees’ fan.

Canelo Withdraws From GGG Rematch


Speaking of embarrassing, Canelo Alvarez has withdrawn from his Cinco de Mayo rematch against GGG. Canelo is in the midst of an investigation by the Nevada Boxing Commission due to not 1, but 2, failed drug tests. The Commission has temporarily suspended Canelo, as they determine the ramifications from Canelo’s positive urine samples (clenbuterol) from February 17th and 20th.

The funny part is Canelo continues to claim his innocence. He says he’s always been a clean fighter. However, he’s also ready to accept whatever punishment comes his way. Yeah, that’s NOT HOW THIS WORKS!! If you’re being punished for something you didn’t do, you don’t just lay down and take it. You stand up and scream from here to kingdom come until your name is cleared.

This is a shame. I liked Canelo.

Ronaldo’s Greatness

If you haven’t seen Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal from his Champion’s League match against Juventus yet, watch it immediately.

After you watch it 17 times, and pick your jaw up from the floor, come back….

Watch until the end of the video. Zinedine Zidane and Gianluigi Buffon’s reactions are priceless!!

There are no words to explain the beauty, and difficulty, of that shot….

Patriots Complete Curious Trade


The New England Patriots have made the Los Angeles Rams really good. At the same time, they did something slightly unprecedented; they stockpiled draft picks:

New England Patriots Receive: 2018 1st round pick (23) and a 6th round pick

Los Angeles Rams Receive: WR Brandin Cooks and a 4th round pick

From the Patriots’ perspective, they got more in return for Cooks than it took to get him. He was originally traded to New England for the 32nd pick in the draft. Plus, Cooks is entering his contract year. It’s still an odd trade by the Patriots, as they don’t generally build through the draft. Now equipped with two 1st round picks, two 2nd round picks, and two 3rd round picks, it’ll be interesting to see what the Patriots do come April 26th.


Was that the most exciting Tuesday you can remember?? If not, tell me about it in the comment section below.

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