“Of Course I’m The MAN, I’m The QUARTERBACK!!” (DTS Podcast – Ep. #50)

Jacoby Brissett got PAID!!!!

And I’m not sure why….

Jalen Hurts is not getting paid, but he deserves your money after his Week 1 performance.

Justin Verlander is still really, Really, REALLY freakin’ good at baseball!!!!

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“You Traded WHO?! For WHAT?!” (DaveTalksSports Podcast – Ep. #49)

The Houston Texans don’t have a General Manager. That was never more apparent than this past Sunday.

But hey, it’s not like people’s jobs depend on these moves….right??

The NFL has turned into a revolving door of, “What team are you on again?!”

3 Days And Counting!!

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“LEAVE ANDREW LUCK ALONE!!!! (DaveTalksSports Podcast – Ep. #45 Part II)

This is Video 2 of 2 on the shocking Andrew Luck retirement announcement.

Andrew Luck is an adult human being. He is allowed to make whatever decision he pleases regarding his own well being. It may be shocking, but Andrew Luck’s NFL playing career doesn’t belong to you.

That is all.

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“LEAVE ANDREW LUCK ALONE!!!! (DaveTalksSports Podcast – Ep. #45 Part I)

This is video 1 of 2. Please watch video 2 for my entire take on Andrew Luck’s shocking retirement announcement.

Andrew Luck is an adult human being. He is allowed to make whatever decision he pleases regarding his own well being. It may be shocking, but Andrew Luck’s NFL playing career doesn’t belong to you.

That is all.

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AFC South Preview

afc south preview

The AFC South is usually stinky. It’s like that co-worker who opts for a cologne bath rather than a shower. Yeah, that kind of stink. However, this season, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the smell of the AFC South….

Last Season’s Standings:

Houston Texans: 9-7

Tennessee Titans: 9-7

Indianapolis Colts: 8-8

Jacksonville Jaguars: 3-13


From worst-to-first we go….

Jacksonville Jaguars

This division as a whole will be better, but that doesn’t apply to this bottom feeder. The Jacksonville Jaguars will be awful this season — again. Their level of bad will depend on the number of turnovers their quarterback has (and if they beat the Jets or not). New head coach, Doug Marrone, has inexplicably decided to stick with Blake Bortles under center. Bortles, the former #3 overall pick (2014), has been nothing short of a disaster early on in his career. I envision feeling very badly for rookie running back, Leonard Fournette at some point this season.

Key Additions: Leonard Fournette (Draft), Calais Campbell, Barry Church

Key Losses:  Julius Thomas, Luke Joeckel, Kelvin Beachum

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts will go as far as their quarterback will take them. The only problem is their quarterback is injured. And when he’s not injured, he’s being sacked, and in turn, re-injured. The way Colts’ management has treated Andrew Luck is criminal. I can’t recall a quarterback, with hall of fame talent like Luck, ever taking snaps behind a worse offensive line. And I’m sorry Colts’ fans, that streak of missing the playoffs in 2 consecutive years won’t end this year.

Key Additions: Christine Michael, Johnathan Hankins, Kamar Aiken 

Key Losses:  Trent Cole, Dwayne Allen, D’Qwell Jackson

Houston Texans

Being a Houston Texans fan must be frustrating. The Texans have such a talented roster, outside of the MOST IMPORTANT POSITION on the field, quarterback. Yes, they drafted Deshaun Watson in the 2017 Draft (12th pick), but as per head coach, Bill O’Brien, Watson will ride the pine to start the season. O’Brien will turn the reigns over to Mr. Tom Savage. No no, you don’t need glasses. You read that right. The question though, is when, not if, Watson will take over at quarterback?? We know how you feel DeAndre Hopkins, but don’t jump overboard yet. Help is coming….

Key Additions: Deshaun Watson (Draft), Breno Giacomini, Marcus Gilchrist  

Key Losses:  Vince Wilfork, A.J. Bouye, Antonio Smith

Tennessee Titans

Are you sensing a theme in this division?? Every team will go as far as their quarterback will take them. Marcus Mariota is one of the great, young quarterbacks in this league. Despite breaking his leg in December of 2016, Mariota looks poised to lead his Titans to an AFC South Division Title. Mariota will line up behind one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, and when he’s not running the ball, will hand it off to the best running back tandem in the league (Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry).

Jump on the bandwagon while you still can!! It’s getting crowded on here!!

Key Additions: Eric Decker, Logan Ryan, Corey Davis (Draft)

Key Losses:  Jason McCourty, Kendall Wright, Chance Wormack


This Season’s Predictions:

Tennessee Titans: 11-5

Houston Texans: 9-7

Indianapolis Colts: 6-10

Jacksonville Jaguars: 4-12


Who do you think will win the AFC South?? Post your predictions in the comment section below.

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I’d Ask, But I Know You Are Ready For Some Football!!


Your birthday? Nope. Your anniversary? Nah. That day you randomly find a $20 in your jacket that you haven’t worn in 3 months? Almost, but no. So what is the best day of the year? It is today; Opening Day of the NFL Season. It is the day you’ve been waiting for ever since the unbelievably annoying Ray Lewis hoisted The Lombardi Trophy over is head in February. Well, the wait is over. You can have a snickers bar and you can watch some football. You can finally see how your fantasy picks will pan out. And, you all have a reason to sit on the couch and do nothing. Enjoy what should undoubtedly be made a National Holiday.

The 2013 NFL Season kicks off tonight, Thursday September 5th, with the defending champion Baltimore Ravens taking on the Denver Broncos (I think we all remember what happened the last time these teams met). To say The Broncos will be looking for revenge would be an understatement. The Broncos enter the season with extremely high expectations. Some have them in or winning The Super Bowl this year thanks to the additions of Wes Welker and others. Even with their best defender, Von Miller, suspended for the first 4 games of the season they are still looked at as the favorites in the AFC. On the other hand, the defending champion Ravens enter the season with a handful of question marks. How do they replace Ray Lewis and Ed Reed? Will Joe Flacco live up to the astronomically high contract he was given last year? Can you really win with just 1 wide receiver? That last one was a joke, but seriously how are you going to win with Torrey Smith and me at wide receiver? Despite his impressive Super Bowl performance and his wonderful (haha) showing on Dancing With The Stars, Jacoby Jones is actually not very good at football. These are some of the questions that will certainly be answered once the season gets under way. You can catch tonight’s opening game on NBC at 8:30 P.M. Who do you like to win this game? I have Denver (at home) winning a relatively close game 24-17.

The rest of Week 1 will be played on Sunday and Monday. So, clear your schedules for the weekend, find that ass groove in the couch that has missed you so dearly, and lets get ready for some football. I am now ready to give you some of my thoughts and predictions on the upcoming season. Everyone has an opinion on their own favorite team and who they think will win, but football more than any other sport is incredibly unpredictable. Players get injured at a very high rate, and every year we seem to have a completely unknown player climb out of the woodwork and land right in the limelight. Nonetheless, lets make some predictions. I shall start with my favorite “team”, The New York Jets. Their team can be summed up in one word: Joke. They are a complete and utter joke. I see them winning 4 games at most, but most likely will only pull off 3 lucky victories. With that being said, I still believe it is not fair for ESPN to rank the Jets as the worst team in the NFL. That distinction clearly should be held by The Oakland Raiders (Chris Berman voice). Anyway, I see the Raiders, Jets, and Jaguars all being very very bad, and I wouldn’t be surprised if any of these teams wound up as the worst team in the league. And now, I will provide you with the Division winners, Wild Card teams, and Super Bowl Champion that will make up the 2013 playoffs.

In the AFC East, I don’t see how any other team will come out of that division than The New England Patriots. Everyone can talk about how much better The Miami Dolphins will be, but I’m sorry Ryan Tannehill, I’m just not buying it. The AFC West is also a pretty easy division to figure out. The Denver Broncos will handily win this division. Most people are eager to hop on the Kansas City Chiefs bandwagon, but I’m also not prepared to do that either. Will they be in a hunt for the Wild Card with 3 games to go? It’s very possible, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if they were 4-9 by then either. Oh, they have Alex Smith? Well then, that changes everything, they’ll probably win The Super Bowl. What was I thinking? The AFC North and South are a little tougher to figure out, and will probably provide the playoffs with the other 4 teams in the AFC this year. The AFC North will be a tightly contested division, but I feel that The Cincinnati Bengals will prevail. I also believe that The Ravens, not The Steelers will land a Wild Card spot this year. The Steelers have no running game, and Big Ben just isn’t good enough to win without a good supporting cast and top 10 defense. The AFC South is a fun division and should also bring 2 playoff teams to the mix this year. The Indianapolis Colts will win this division behind the strong play of Andrew Luck (he is the real deal and will be the best 2nd year QB in the NFL this season). The Texans will land the other Wild Card spot this year.

    AFC Playoff Picture

1.) Denver Broncos
2.) New England Patriots
3.) Indianapolis Colts
4.) Cincinnati Bengals
5.) Baltimore Ravens
6.) Houston Texans

I envision The Denver Broncos beating The New England Patriots in the AFC Championship (and giving everyone that one last Peyton Vs. Tom showdown everyone was looking for last year).

As for the NFC, I see this as the much harder conference to predict. The NFC East by itself is like flipping a 4-sided coin. But, here goes nothing. In the NFC East, as much as I hate them and love watching them crumble under pressure, I see the Dallas Cowboys narrowly pulling out the division title this year. I think The New York Giants will be in the fight for a Wild Card spot all season but will fall just short of the playoffs yet again this season. The NFC West, which is seen as the strongest division in the NFL should definitely bring 2 teams to the playoffs this year. I have The San Francisco 49ers winning the division, and The Seattle Seahawks winning a Wild Card spot. The NFC North should be a battle between 2 long time rivals; The Packers and Da Bears. I see The Packers edging out the Bears for the Division while Jay Cutler will once again be watching the playoffs from home this season. Last, but certainly not least, there is my favorite division in football, The NFC South. This division should also produce 2 playoff teams this season. The Atlanta Falcons will once again win the division while the New Orleans Saints will land the final playoff spot this season.

    NFC Playoff Picture

1.) San Francisco
2.) Atlanta Falcons
3.) Green Bay Packers
4.) Dallas Cowboys
5.) Seattle Seahawks
6.) New Orleans Saints

Let me repeat how unpredictable the NFC is going to be this season. Don’t be surprised if the Wild Cards consist of The Bears, Redskins, Giants, or Redskins. However, based off my predictions, I see The San Francisco 49ers beating the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship in a rematch of last year. As for the Super Bowl, I see Peyton Manning prevailing to win his 2nd Lombardi Trophy, while Colin Kaepernick suffers his 2nd straight defeat in the Super Bowl. And that my friends, is how I see the NFL season playing out this year. It is a long road, and it all starts tonight. However it plays out, enjoy it!!

Please leave me your predictions for the upcoming NFL Season below in the comment section. Thank you.

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